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Where to invest Lumpsum amount with diversification plan

How to invest lumpsum amount

The best investment plan for lumpsum amount may be differ for every investor. But the goal is same for everyone – “To get maximum profit with low risk”.

Lumpsum amount means, the amount which you save from your paycheck or get your bonus or receive money from your insurer or FD amount after maturity. A good sum of money which you are ready to invest rather than store in your saving account.

Money that you have in your hand after your necessary needs and emergency fund, should go in investment rather to sit in your saving account. Whether it is 2-5 lac or 10-20 lac, But you are ready to plan investing this money than you should plan it wisely.

Every regular person is thinking to get maximum from it’s investment but the wise thing to do is invest with low risk and moderate profit rather than go for high profit high risk plan. Because you earn this money with your regular income not from any lottery.

So here is the plan for investing your money with low risk and moderate profit-


Diversification of your lumpsum amount

These are the 3 investment plans for diversification of your lumpsum amount.

1.      Equity

2.    Mutual fund/ PPF/ Other saving schemes

3.    Crypto

These 3 investment methods have their own pros and cons, which we have explain in details below.

First, our investment plan is to invest money in these 3 plans in 30%, 60%, 10% proportion.

Chart for investment plan into 3 different catagories

This plan will help you in getting good profit with low risk. How the combination of these 3 plans will help in achieving great results is explained below in detail.


1. Equity Investment

When investment idea kicks in anyone’s mind, first they think about investing in equity. Because it looks more attractive than other investment because of its high potential to become rich.

But jump into equity investment without any proper knowledge and market analysis, it could turn backward. So you should invest 30% of your capital into equity.

So here you can find some best stocks which can give you great returns with low risk-

Best stocks to invest in 2022 for high profit

From equity investment, you can get 15-25% returns annually. Which is really good!!

If you have good knowledge of stock market, you can choose your stock portfolio. But you have to think about long term investment (above 5 years).


2. Mutual fund/ PPF/Other saving schemes

Most of the persons known Mutual funds investment as an SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) plans.

But if you have Lumpsum amount than also you can go for mutual funds. Persons who have less knowledge of stock market and fear of loosing money into stocks are go for mutual fund.

Because it gives around 10-15 % return on their investment annually as per historical data.

That’s why I am suggesting to take majority part of mutual funds in your diversified portfolio. Because if most of the investment is in safer side then you end up with great returns.

Whether Mutual funds are providing you less return but have great risk mitigation quality.

Now this is common saying that Mutual funds and other investment schemes are giving good returns, but there are many of them.

So here, I am providing details of some good investment schemes with their return and other features-




Lock in








Till the age

Of 60 years

Tier 1- No

Tier 2- After

10 years

Avg. – 13.5%



Unit-Linked Insurance

Plans (ULIPs)


5 years


After 5






Buying car

Or house


Mutual funds

(Equity, Debt or




(3 years

for ELSS)



At any time



(High for

Equity mutual


Based on





Buying car

Or house



Gold ETF


Just like



Any time






Buying car

Or house






15 years










Child education,


Or buying






Tax saving

FD- 5 years,

Others- start

from 7 days

Can be




By paying







Buying car,


Small requirements


These are the top investment options for moderate return and no risk. In earlier days FD’s are preferred over all others because of its no risk and liquidity quality.

But, now FD’s are less preferred investment options because of low return and high inflation rate. You can check for real FD returns Here –

          “FD gives Negative Real Interest because of inflation”.


In above investment options, best suited for Lumpsum amount investment is mutual funds. Because it is easy to start and easy to withdraw with good returns.


3. Crypto investment

Crypto investment is in trend now. Everyone is attracted towards cryptocurrencies but a few are taking chance in it.

We heard in news  about how crypto coins make millionaires quickly. Some newly launched coins have grown very high in just few days like-  “Shiba Inu/Floki Inu Price skyrocketed | Turns $1000 into $3.85 million in just 2 months”.

In getting high profit you can loose all you have, and we have started this post with the fact that this saved amount is of your hard earned money not any lottery winning money.

But you should take some risk to increase your overall profit, that’s why you have to invest your 10% money into crypto.

It will help in increasing your profit % with low risk. If you have invested in only bitcoin in 2021 than you earned 40% return or if you have invested in Etherium only than you earned 240% in 2021.

This is the highly volatile investment, so you have to choose wisely in your crypto portfolio to get average 50-60% return or may be more.

Here are the diversified crypto investment plan for low risk and high profit –

Best Crypto to Invest in 2022 for High Profit

If your lumpsum amount is less, then you can choose one crypto coin in above-mentioned crypto portfolio. Else go for diversification in crypto investment, because it is a risky investment.




Above mentioned diversification plan for lumpsum investment will provide you best results in good profit and very low risk.

If you only go for equity it will provide 15-20% return with risk involved.

If you go for only mutual fund and other schemes than you get low return as 8-15%, also risk is low.

And certainly you can’t think about investing full amount in crypto…. 

So the plan of 60-30-10% of total amount is best for you and will certainly results in average 15-30% return with very less risk.

So Just go for it!!!



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