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3 best ways to Earn Free Google Play Gift Cards

Free Google Play Gift Cards

If you notice, almost all of us spend our most of time on our smartphones be it for entertainment or for some informative work. This gadget has made our lives simpler.


People who are using android can say that every type of application is available on google play store that make our life easy and convenient.


Having free google play gift cards or credits can be most useful thing as you can make any in app purchase of our choice, or you can use these free google play gift cards for buying an e-book or game or movie or any other thing you like.


So if you also like to earn google play credits or gift cards, in this article we are sharing 3 best ways to get free google play gift cards-

1. Take Surveys

We all know there are some trusted sites where taking surveys can help you to earn money as well free gift cards.


However, not all survey sites pays you in form of free google play gift cards. We have done our research to find out which survey sites pays you in form of google play credits.


To help our readers who are looking for google play gift cards by taking surveys, We are sharing a list of trusted survey sites where you can get free google play gift cards.


Google Opinion Rewards-Google Opinion Rewards is a rewards-based program developed by Google. This app is a survey mobile app which can be used by Android as well as iOS users.


All you need to take surveys and earn rewards which can be further redeemed as google play gift cards.


Survey Junkie


Survey Junkie is well known platform for taking paid surveys. Minimum payout for this site is $10 and you can redeem your points as paypal money or gift cards including google play gift cards.


Branded Surveys


This site pay real consumers for their opinions and your feedback is used by companies for marketing or creating a new products or feature.


As per your profile you will get survey and earn points in return of taking those surveys. Once you accumulated 500 points which is worth of $5 you can redeem the same for cash or gift cards like Amazon, Apple and google play.


Ipsos i-Say


i-Say is another survey site which is owned by market research company Ipsos where taking survey can pay you in form of free google play gift cards and other options are also available these.


To cash-out your points minimum points required are 500 points which are worth of $5.


Harris Poll Online


Harris Poll require at least 1250 points worth of $ 10 value for redemption as gift cards. There are plenty of options available in gift cards such as Amazon, Walmart, i-tunes, Starbucks, google play gift cards and many other.


However, you cannot redeem your points for cash unlike Survey Junkie or some other survey sites.


2. Play Games

There are some websites or apps that pays you in terms of free Google Play Gift card for playing games on their platform. Here, we are sharing some of popular ones-




Playing games at Bananatic can help you to earn rewards and these rewards can be redeemed as gift cards including google play gift card and video game rewards.


Bananatic has 4.5/5 rating at trust pilot.


Also, apart from games there are many other options to win reward points such as watch ads, online shopping etc.




This platform is a loyalty program for android gamers. Basically Mistplay act as a test user provider to big game brand companies. 


This platform do not pay directly PayPal cash but virtual visa gift card is a good reward to earn. 


In general, you can redeem your rewards once you’ve earned about $5 worth of points. Also, by completing in game tasks and in purchase app can boost your earnings on this platform. 




Using AppNana everyday can easily get you 400 points (Nana) daily. All you need to login to your account everyday.


You can play candy crush game here and as you reach to next level your reward points also goes up.


These reward points can be redeemed for google play gift cards,iTunes gift card, Xbox and many other options are available.




This is another app where you will be rewarded to download and install the app and use it everyday. This app does pay you in form of google play gift cards.


However, this is a time consuming app where you need to accumulate at least 5000 points to redeem the same for $5 gift card.


3. Use get paid to sites

There are plenty of sites which claims to pay in return of using their sites for some specific task be it for shopping, web searching, watching videos, taking surveys or any other way.


However, do not trust every site as they will never payout and you ended wasting in your time only.


But, we have researched following sites if you’re looking for google play gift card as reward-


As all of these sites works in almost same way but their payout are different in terms of minimum requirements. However, we recommend to always go for sites which have minimum payout limit, so you can earn reward fast.


So, I Have listed minimum payout and reward options available against each of these sites to save your time.


Prize Rebel –  Minimum Payout – $2 or 200 Points

                       Rewards –  Paypal and gift cards


FeaturePoints– Minimum Payout – $5 or 3000 Points

                          Rewards- PayPal and gift cards including Google Play or Bit coin



Toluna- Minimum Payout – $10 or 30000 points

             Rewards- gift cards Including Google Play



Insta GC- Minimum Payout – $5 or 500 Points

                Rewards- Cash, Check, PayPal and gift cards



Swagbucks- Minimum Payout – No minimum Payout

                     Rewards-PayPal and gift cards



Inboxdollars- Minimum Payout – $30

                       Rewards- PayPal and gift cards


Free Google Play gift cards Scams to avoid

There are many on going scams in name of google play gift cards where scammers calls and pretend to be from a government agency or banks and tells you that your bill or tax is due and to repay the same you have to buy google play gift card and share the code with them.


There are so many other fraudulent ways used by these scammers to fool people.


Do not share your code or any financial details with anyone. Never use google Play gift cards to pay for taxes, dues or anything that is outside google play store.


Only use google play gift cards to make purchase on google play only. 


What you can do with Google Play gift Cards?

Having google play credits or gift card can help you to buy and subscribe to your favorite content, videos, books, apps or movies available on Google Play.


You can make in-app purchase from your favorite app. However there is country wise limit on maximum balance.



How to redeem Google Play gift cards or credits?


You can have google play balance in terms of gift cards, gift codes or Promotion Codes and once redeem this code, the gift will be added to your google play balance.


You can redeem your gift cards or gift codes by opening google play app and at the top right in your profile icon , you will find payment & Subscriptions > Redeem Gift Code and all you just need to enter the code.


How do I get free $10 google play gift card?

If you are looking for a quick way to earn free $10 Google Play gift Card , always use get paid to sites or survey sites that are trusted and have good trust pilot rating.


And, most importantly , make sure the site have minimum payout limit , so this way can get you a free google play gift card in just few minutes.


We have shared top three trusted strategies to earn free google play gift cards that can easily fetch you at least two or three free google play gift cards monthly.



What is Google Play credits ?


Google Play credits are reward points that can be used as gift cards or promo code to make purchase on google play store.


Using google play credits you can make any in – app purchase or movies or books or game app or any other app of your choice.



How to convert google play gift card or credits to cash?


You cannot convert your google play gift card into cash as any google play balance cannot be withdrawn as cash in your bank account.


However, you can redeem your google play gift card amount as google play balance and you can use that balance to make purchase on the google play store.


There is maximum limit of permissible google account balance as per your country. 


Final Thoughts

We have shared best strategies to win google play gift cards. As these strategies are not exclusive for earning free google play gift cards because the same ways can help you to get mostly any type of popular gift cards available on these platforms.


But if you are a person who like to make in app purchase or use google play store to buy videos, subscription, books or more, then, definitely these platforms will help you to get google play gift card by putting your little time.


But do not waste your time on google play code generator as most of these codes do not work and you end up wasting your time only.


As nothing is free but putting your free time with these apps or sites can help you to get your favorite game, video or book at free of cost.



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