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Try Flea Market Flipping- A Cheaper way to make money | Choose the best Platform to sell your stuff

Flea Market flipping

If you look around your stuff or your house, you will definitely find so many things that are just lying in your space but no use to you.


An old DVD Player, branded clothes, watches, some antique pieces from your grandparents or anything else that are in perfect condition but you never use these things. These are the things that can make hundreds of dollars for you and your investment here is zero.


Similarly, there is thrift stores, flea market, or local market places where these kind of stuff from other people being sold at very cheap rate and with some low investment you can easily sell these stuff at a great profit.


This is what called as – Flea market flipping- you find something that is no longer valuable/useful to original owner and sell this to others who are in search for this item. 


People love things that are intact in its original condition and a way cheaper in terms of price to brand new one. There are so many areas where people do not have access to local flea market or the item they are looking for is not there.


And, this is the opportunity you can grab and make a good amount of money by selling it online where are so many potential buyers are interested in buying that item.


Pros and Cons of Flipping/Reselling

If you are considering Flipping or reselling as a side hustle, it is one of the best low investment way to earn money or you can start with what you already have but getting dust in your wardrobe, garage or anywhere in home. 


Also, there is no particular skill required. All you need is to list your item on various selling platform and wait for product get sold to earn hundreds of dollars. 


Sometimes due to high shipping and logistic charges you may face a significant cut in your profit. So, to make a profitable flipping packing and shipping costs need to be controlled. This is the only concern need to be addressed as a reseller. 


Ideas to start Flipping with zero investment

Apart from your own home, you can check out craigslist’s free section, Facebook Marketplace or even junkyards, where people who want to get rid of their stuff listing products as free. 


As you know – someone’s Junk can be a treasure for others. 


People who are wealthy enough don’t have that much time to wait for buyer to sell their stuff and they list their stuff on these buy and sell website even for free. All you need is just go and pick the stuff from their location and you good to go for flipping. 


Estate sales is also a good option to look for finding free stuff. 


Go to nearby flea market near to the end of the day where many sellers giveaway their stuff for free as they didn’t find a buyer and do not want to take things back at home. So, idea is grab these things and sell them online where you can easily find your potential buyer. 

Idea of free Flipping is just that you need to grab the opportunity and use the technology to reach out the global customers waiting to buy that particular stuff which was not in demand locally. 


Keep your eye on thrift stores, flea market, auctions, estate sale and craigslist website or any other alike platform. Your high visit frequency to these places would bring out best low value or free products for you from which you can easily earn hundreds to thousands of dollars even in a single sale. 


Best Products for Profitable Flipping 

Products irrespective of their category be it jewelry, antiques, furniture, toys, books or anything, could turn out as profitable one if you find the correct buyer or location where product is high in demand. 


Still, we are listing some of high in demand products according to their categories-


1.   Furniture- You will easily find so much variety to resell in furniture category as people are obsessed with redesigning or downsizing to free up some space.


People who shift to another location or city are always in hurry to sell their furniture, so, chances are high enough that you get variety of furniture at a very cheap price. 


With new paint or some upholstery, you can easily increase the resell price of same old furniture as people who are looking to buy second hand stuff always have eye for gently used items. 


2.    Kid’s stuff- Baby products directly purchased from store are too expensive and at the same time have limited use.


As kids grow quickly, after certain time people giveaway these stuff at free of cost or at very cheap rate as they are no longer useful for them.


Stuff like- Swings, chairs, toys, clothing, strollers, cribs, weighing scales are mostly gently used and high in demand among new parents who can’t afford it. So, you do not find any difficulty in finding buyers.


Also, there are some platform like BabyQuip where you can rent out baby gears and generate recurring cashbacks. 


3. Apparels- Clothing is high demand section in flipping business especially the vintage clothing.


So many times, we buy clothes but do not wear it as we don’t find ourselves enough attractive in that Tshirt/ Top/Dress and we already paid a good amount on that piece of clothing.


So, good option is resell it, do not let that piece ait in the corner of your wardrobe as you never going to wear that.


Also, people who do not afford brand new clothes /shoes / sneakers always in search for these apparels at a cheap price.


4.   Jewelry- Jewelry is also a good option however profit margin is not as high in this section as for furniture or other section. 


5. Video Games- Old video games, game arcade or board games have value among many buyers, just find the right buyer and you can earn profit margin of $500 – $700 easily. 


6.   VCR or DVD Players- you never assume profit that can be earned from old VCR or DVD players or VHS Tapes as many people still like to collect these old time goldies and their scarcity make these things more valuable.


If you find any of these do not think twice as these have potential to make a great money for you. 


7.    Antique items- Antique clock, chandelier, glass, spoon, coins or anything you could find are high demand and high profit products. 


8. Electronic Items- Tech items like smartphone, tablets, computer or its parts, smart watch are desireble among people and high selling products.


As eBay is a popular platform to resell electronics but other platform like Swappa, Glyde, Gazelle can also be used to get a quote.


And, then you can use these quotations to compare the prices and also, for reference to set a price for your gadgets on selling websites. Always load quotation price with 25-30% to earn high profits. 


9. Tools, Appliances and commercial equipment- Be it a pizza oven, metal detector, scissor lifts or kitchen appliance all are a good flipping product.

However, if you are selling big commercial equipment storage and shipping could be a concern for seller. Always try to list big products at 50% of their retail price to sell them quick.


10. Sports or GYM equipment- After Pandemic hit the world, people more prefer to set their own gym at their house. And who do not love to save money on pricy gym or sports equipment that are gently used and in good condition. 

Where to sell your stuff online

Either you can choose flea market or online marketplace for flipping. However, selling at flea market with targeted profit margin is not a cake walk. You need selling skills to convince the buyer for buying your product and great negotiation skills are indeed to make profit.


But, online selling has made flipping quite easy and chances of profit are high because your product has reach to global buyers and as demand increases among buyer so the chances of high profit.


We have rounded up the major online platform where you can easily reach to potential buyers-


1.      Amazon 

2.    eBay 

3.    Mercari 

4.    Poshmark 

5.    Bonanza 

6.    Letgo 

7.    Varagesale 

8.    Offerup 

9.    Craiglist 

10.Facebook Marketplace


How to choose the best Platform to sell

Everyone is aware of major platforms like Amazon, eBay, Mercari used by both buyer and seller as these are the highly trafficked sites on the web. 


If fast selling is your goal, then, these sites are your way to go but if you are looking for higher profit and less selling charges then, you might take some more time to find a buyer on a smaller site. 


We can understand that choosing a right marketplace can be difficult as mostly of us do not pay much attention to selling charges of these platforms. 


Your earnings equal the listing price minus the selling fee, payment processing fee and shipping (if you select to offer free shipping). These fees are charged to the Seller when the sale has been successfully completed.   


So, it is wise to consider these important factors before making any decision-


-Shipping Cost 

-Listing Fees 

-Payment processing fees 

-Fees on selling Price 

-Customer base of that Marketplace 

-Return Policy  

We are detailing most of the common selling charges levied by major marketplaces for you. 


However, always have a look at selling price and policies of these platforms before selecting any.


Online Marketplace

Listing Price

Fees on

selling Value of Product

Payment Processing Fees





First 250 listings free per month, then $0.35 per listing

Final value fee % + $0.30 per order

(Regardless of your account type, the platform takes 10-12% of every sale you make for most categories, up to $750 per item)

Nil, as already a part of final value fee








A minimum fee of 10% of the item price for a completed sale.

A Payment Processing Fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per sale is charged based on the completed sale price of the item.









For Sales Under $15= $2.95

For Above $15 Sales– Poshmark charge commission of 20% of sale value.













For sales under $500 = 3.5% of selling price for standard booths(or whatever advertising % you have selected) plus any amount of the shipping costover $10.

For sales above $ 500 = 3.5% of FOV for standard booths (or whatever advertising percentage you have selected, i.e, 9%, 13%, etc) plus any amount of the shipping costover $10. + a flat 1.5% of the amount over $500

** Minimum fee: $0.50






Amazon – Amazon has two type of pricing plans: Individual and Professional.  


The Individual plan has no monthly fee, but you pay a fee of $0.99 for each item you list on the site. The Professional plan costs $39.99 a month to list as many items as you want. 


That means the Individual plan is a better value if you want to sell up to 40 items each month, and for who want to sell more the Professional plan is a better deal. 


Local sales 

Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, OfferUp, Varagesale 


These websites and apps usually do not charge anything from your sales, but connecting with buyer and meeting up in person for exchange is all your responsibility. 


If you’re not comfortable handling all the logistics yourself and thenmeeting up with a stranger, you should probably stick to online only. 


However, the simplicity here is the factors like- no packing, shipping or any other type of fees, just sell your product and take cash in your hand.  


But unlike many online-only sales sites, these marketplaces don’t have any guarantees or protections if your buyer turns out to be a flake. 


Tips to make profit from Flipping

Here are some tips to make flipping easy and profitable – 


1.      If you are beginner, it would be more profitable to start with low investment. Always try to get things which are under $50 and after making a successful sell use part of profit to reinvest.


By this approach you would not only earn a good profit but also earning by investing your profit again and again.


Flipping is a good and successful side hustle and once you learn from your experience you can do it regularly. Many people have made flipping their full-time earning source.   

2.    Always write a good description of product you are aiming to sell. You can also add a story behind product like – who was using it earlier- people always trust products which are used by elder persons, military families or who are in frequent transferrable jobs as products from them are not roughly used. 


3.    If you feel like product require some touch ups- do not think twice to do some touch ups, paints, polish etc as these would fetch a good profit for you. 


4.    Shipping and packing charges could bring down your profit margin if not handled wisely. 


Pay attention to packing material so it would not add extra in product weight as that might leave you with high shipping prices. 


5.    Clearance sale are great way to grab good products with high discount and who know you may find a limited-edition product. 

As these limited-edition products are easy to sell due to their high demand and same time profit margins are high. 


As you know flipping market is a great opportunity and only your level of interest and a good profit margin are important to stay profitable.

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