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Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results – Atomic Habits by James Clear | Book Summary & Review

Book review of Atomic Habits

Hey!! As Reading books is one of my 2022 resolution and to stick with this resolution of book reading I have started with one of most famous book “ATOMIC HABITS BY JAMES CLEAR”, because I really wanted to develop a habit of reading book every day.

So, here is the quick summary or key insights and review of this book, for the people who are thinking to give a try to this book-

As writer James Clear of book “Atomic Habits” says – it is a book having easy and proven ways to build good habits and break bad ones. 

We all want to follow or make a habit of our interest such as  daily exercise/Yoga practice, Reading book , getting up early, etc  or want to get rid of our bad habits, but after sometime we fail ourselves.

In this book James Clear has touched every aspect of human behavior towards our habits by detailing it through small examples of sports, business and education along with evidence from psychology and neuroscience.

 As per human tendency ,  We set a goal and try to find out that what actions are required to achieve that goal and perform our daily actions accordingly . when we are not able to perform that required actions, we feel guilty and here this book come in picture where James Clear proved that how improving by just 1%  daily is significant to achieve the desired goal.

As he says  “ Habits are COMPOUND INTEREST of SELF- IMPROVEMENT”  and can be absolutely enormous. Real Changes come from the compound effects of hundred of small decisions or small habits that over time, accumulate to produce remarkable results, changing the lifestyles, behaviors and identities.

 This book explains how tiny habits and nano changes can grow into life altering outcomes and help us lead healthier , happier and a way more productive life. And this is how small habits make a big difference-

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The Power of 1%

If we can get 1 percent better each day for one year, we will end up thirty-seven times better by the time we are done. Conversely, if we get 1 percent worse each day for one year, we will decline nearly down to zero.

What starts as a small win or a minor setback accumulates into something much more.

If we compare this rule with our day to day life , we can see how eating unhealthy or smoking compoundly effect our health whereas walking a or two miles daily adds in our health and fitness.


Forget Goals, Focus on system Instead

As James says Goals are about the results we want to achieve on the other hand Systems are about the processes that lead to those results.

For example ,every Olympian wants to win a gold medal  , every candidate wants to get the job and if the  both successful and unsuccessful people share same goals , then goal cannot be what differentiate the Winners and losers as both have the same Goal.

A system or process of small improvements achieved on daily basis are the only thing what can help to achieve a different outcome.

As book says Achieving goals is only a temporary result and it restrict your happiness.

Ultimately, it is your commitment to the process that will determine your progress.


Identity Based Habits

It often feels difficult to keep good habits going for more than a few days, even with sincere effort. Such as Habits like exercise, meditation, journaling, and cooking are reasonable for a day or two and then become a hassle.

However, once habits established, they stick around like forever—especially the bad or unwanted ones. Despite our best intentions, unhealthy habits like eating junk food, watching too much television, procrastinating, and smoking can feel impossible to break.

James Clear has explained three layers of behaviour change by help of following illustration-

3 layer of behavior change- Atomic habits

Here, Outcomes are about what you get. Processes are about what you do. Identity is about what you believe.

And Direction of changing is a key to develop a successful habit and Identity based habits means who we wish to become is should be our way to get the desired outcome.

You might start a habit because of motivation, but the only reason you’ll stick with one is that it becomes part of your identity.

Your habits shape your identity, and your identity shapes your habits. It’s a two-way street. The formation of all habits is a feedback loop

Like, I want to read more books and to develop this habit I have to make my identity of a person who reads book daily and my system or process to establish this identity is I read 20 pages daily . Therefore, once I establish my identity as a reader who reads atleast 20 pages daily I will achieve my outcome which is reading books to achieve my resolution .


Simple steps to build better Habits

Atomic habits book part

The cue triggers a craving, which motivates a response, which provides a reward, which satisfies the craving and, ultimately, becomes associated with the cue. This cycle is known as the habit loop and it take us towards four law of behaviour change.


Atomic habits book part

By above four laws James Clear has showed a path to follow for achieving our habit goals .

 If I consider my exercise routine here as an example , to make it regular, I have planned my exercise time in between my existing habits . While leaving my home in morning for office I always put my yoga mat near my bed and when I came back from office , my yoga mat always remind me to do exercise first.


Final Review of Book

This book has power to convince you to follow your habit goals and become an improved version of yourself. If you are a person who decide a lot to do for self improvement but always find yourself unfinished on the task you have started or find yourself trap in procrastination , then this book has all the answers for you.

James Clear has proved his words and beliefs by supporting the same with small examples backed by human psychology and everyone will surely find something to endorse in their lives.

A Must read book!!




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