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Top Survey Sites with No Minimum Payout (or Low Payout)

Survey sites with no minimum payout

We all know that taking paid surveys can make extra bucks for us but finding survey sites with no minimum payout can take your lot of time.


Sometimes, you spend your 3 to 4 hours on survey sites in thought of to make extra bucks but in the end finding the high threshold payout limit make all of us frustrated and seems like wasting our time.


So, here we are sharing a list of survey sites with no minimum payout and also a list where payout is as minimum as possible to take out the cash instantly.


We have spent our several hours to make sure that you can find best of all kind of these apps or sites without wasting your time in search of these survey sites with no minimum payout or low payout limit that is easy to achieve.


Best survey sites based on payout limit

We are sharing our top favorite survey sites based on minimum payout limit and customer ratings, so you do not find yourself wasting time on survey sites that requires your so much time and getting payout from them seems a tough task.



Minimum Payout

Redemption Options

Trust Pilot Rating






PayPal Cash and Gift cards

4.5 Stars



Free Products

3.6 Stars



PayPal, Gift cards, Bitcoin

3.5 Stars


$1 or 100 points

PayPal, Gift cards, Bitcoin

4 Stars



PayPal, Gift cards

4.8 Stars



PayPal, Check, Prepaid Visa Cards, Gift Cards

4.3 Stars


10 best survey sites to give a try to earn some extra money

Other than above survey sites there are plenty of options available where you can earn some extra money.

Though we have tried our best to include all those survey sites which have minimum Payout limit and trustworthy ratings but if you find any other good survey site please do share with our readers in comment box.


1. Surveyjunkie

Minimum Payout – $10 (1000 points)


Bonus/Referrals-  Sign up Bonus – 25 Points and on e mail confirmation additional 20 points and on taking site tour you will get another 5 points. So, this will make initial balance of 50 Points.


On completing your profile in different seven sections another 50 points will be added. If take total points for registering it is total 100 points worth $1.


You will earn commission on referring survey junkie from referrals members earning.


Per Survey earnings- $2 to $5 per hour (depends on your demography)


Reward options- PayPal money, Gift cards.


Countries- US, Canada, and Australia


Trust Pilot Rating- 4.6 Stars


2. Opinion OutPost

Minimum Payout – $5 for gift cards and $10 for Cash


Bonus/Referrals- Sign Up Bonus – None


Referral- $1 per new member through referral code


Per Survey earnings- Between $0.5 to $5 for per completed survey.


Reward options- PayPal money, Gift Cards


Countries- US, UK, Canada, Germany


Trust Pilot Rating- 4.3 Stars


3. Survey Savvy

Minimum Payout – $1


Bonus/Referrals- Sign Up- None


Referrals-  Incentives will be provided when your referral member joins and completes survey.


Per Survey earnings- You can make between $3 and $20 when you complete one survey.


Reward options- Survey Savvy pays USD checks by email.


Countries- Worldwide


Trust Pilot Rating- 3 Stars


4. My Points

Minimum Payout – $5 for gift cards and $25 for PayPal Cash-Outs.


Bonus/Referrals-  Sign up Bonus – $10


Referrals- For each referral who joins via invitation or referral link, you’ll earn 25 Points.


Per Survey earnings- You can earn upto 500 points on each survey completed. Here on Mypoints 1 point is equals to 1 cent.


Reward options- PayPal Money and Gift Cards


Countries-  US, UK, Canada and other countries.


Trust Pilot Rating-  4.4 Stars


5. Inbox Dollars

Minimum Payout – $10


Bonus/Referrals- Sign Up Bonus – $5


Referral – you can earn $1.00 per referral up to 5 referrals.


Per Survey earnings- Inbox Dollars pays between 0.5$ and $5 for each completed survey.


Reward options- PayPal Money, Gift Cards


Countries- Most Countries in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.


Trust Pilot Rating- 4.1 Stars


6. Pinecone Research

Minimum Payout – $3


Bonus/Referrals-  None


Per Survey earnings- As claimed by Pinecone Research you will earn $3 for each completed survey.


Reward options- PayPal Money, Check, Prepaid Visa Cards


Countries- US, UK, Canada, and Germany


Trust Pilot Rating- 2.1 Stars


7. E Poll Survey

Minimum Payout – $3 or 3750 points


Bonus/Referrals- Sign Up Bonus – 100 Points


Referral Bonus- 1000 points for each referral member who joins and completes survey through your link.


Per Survey earnings- E Poll Survey rewards you between 500 and 700 points for each completed survey.


Reward options- PayPal Money, Gift Cards


Countries- Only for United States residents


Trust Pilot Rating- 3.5 Stars


8. Prize Rebel

Minimum Payout – $5 or 500 points


Bonus/Referrals- Sign up Bonus- None

Though you can earn 15 to 30% of earnings of members who joined from your invitation or referral link for lifetime.


Per Survey earnings- Prize Rebel pays you between 25 and 100 points or $0.25 to $1 for each survey taken on platform.


Reward options- PayPal Money and Gift cards


Countries- Mostly in US (California)


Trust Pilot Rating- 4 Stars


9. Life Points

Minimum Payout – $5 or 550 Points


Bonus/Referrals- Sign Up Bonus- 10 life points or $ 0.1


Per Survey earnings- Reward point vary depending on length of survey and urgency of online survey. Typically, Life Points pays you between 60 and 350 points for each completed survey.


Reward options- PayPal Credits and Gift Cards.


Countries- LifePoints is available in over 40 countries including US, UK, China, India and many more.


Trust Pilot Rating- 4 Stars


10. Google Opinion Awards

Minimum Payout – $2


Bonus/Referrals- None


Per Survey earnings- Google Opinion Rewards is a rewards-based program developed by Google. They will send you short and relevant surveys once or twice a week. For each survey you can receive up to $1 ($0.5 to $1) in google play credit for completing it.


Reward options- Google Play or PayPal credits. One google play credit is equals to $1.


Countries- Worldwide


There are also other ways to make more money from google which you can find on below post-


Make money online by using Google search and google Docs


Are survey sites with no minimum payout are safe?

Survey sites which offer no minimum payout can sometimes be scam which just want to attract users and collect their information or just want to use you for surveys without paying anything.


But, there are some legit survey sites as shared in this post which not only offer no minimum payout option but also pays customer for their efforts.

A legit site (like the ones we listed above) will never make you pay to join.

Always look for customer ratings and reviews before registering yourself on new survey sites to avoid scams.


It is also wise to consider that never share your phone number else you will find frustrated yourself from spam calls.


Can you really get PayPal money With No Minimum Payout Surveys?

Yes, you can really get cash from some trusted survey sites who do not apply condition of minimum payout. But, these kind of trustful sites are very handful and possibility is getting scam in search of no minimum payout survey sites is higher.


So, better option is look for survey sites which have low minimum payout and good customer ratings such as Swagbucks, google opinion rewards and any other. As these kind of platform value their customer and not here to steal your personal information with other advertisement companies.


As payout being minimum not only fetch more customer to these survey sites but also help these sites to retain their user.


What should you avoid in paid survey sites?

First and foremost, thing is avoid sites which have low customer ratings and survey sites which ask money from you.

Another important thing is, try to avoid survey sites which have higher minimum payout limit such as $30 or more.


As reaching to their threshold not only requires your too much time but also you might be ended frustrated and already have wasted your so much time in order to meet payment threshold.


No matter how trusted these sites are which have higher payment threshold always try to avoid these unless per survey earning is higher like $5 to $10.


Always go for low payment threshold survey sites such as $2 to $5 or even $10 be even reachable.


Also, register yourself on as many legit and low minimum payout survey sites as you can but with separate email address not with your personal one.


What paid Survey sites are legitimate?

We have tried our best to share all the legitimate survey sites with no or low minimum payout with trusted rating.


However, there might be other options available and to check the genuineness of any survey site, website like Trustpilot, BBB, and Reddit are good options to check out customer reviews about those survey sites.


Also, always go to website of that survey sites and read the FAQ or Help section to know more about payout  threshold , options and frequency of payment and choose according to your convenience.


Another thing to look out is expiration of your credit points, when a website pairs an expiration time for credit points with a high payout threshold, there are huge chances that you won’t receive your payments before your points expire. Always beware of scam websites.


Final Thoughts

I’ve learned from doing numerous surveys to never give up and always try to join five or six survey sites or as many as you can.


Because, there are so many instances when we are not found eligible to participate in surveys and joining so many platform opens more opportunity.


Your demography also plays a good role in getting more surveys but never share false information about yourself in hope of getting more surveys.


As there are so many companies and products whose requirements are totally different so presenting false info about yourself is never going to help you to get more paid surveys but enrolling on many survey sites could help.




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