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Smart Phone by Elon Musk | Tesla Model Pi/P with star-link

Tesla Model Pi

Since last few months, everyone is hearing the news of launching of first smart phone by Tesla which is called as Tesla Model Pi or Model P. No wonder that speculations regarding this new phone’s features are amazingly great.

In start of year 2021 designer Antonio De Rosa one of famous designer of Apple products who and his ADR studio design lab released a mockup of what a Tesla phone might look like. He has combined all the possible features in a smartphone device that could work as an interface for all Tesla products.

This is a smartphone that is somewhat similar to the iPhone 12, with a quad camera, a sub-screen front camera and a special coating that allows the body to change color.

Here we took a look at what a Tesla Model Pi smartphone could be-

Tesla model pi

Tesla Model Pi designed with Star-Link sync

Since Tesla leader Elon musk is well known for his experiments and future oriented visions, still there are rumors that this phone would not require sim cards and would be directly linked to Starlink. Star link is one of the most important pet projects of SpaceX and Elon Musk right now . It could be the perfect tie-in to a Tesla smartphone.

Also, we cannot neglect the success that starlink project is getting. As of now, there 1469 starlink satellites active and this satellite internet division of Space X has more than 1,45,000 users across 25 countries globally.

The goal is to create a network of low-orbit satellites to provide easy internet access no matter where you are in the world. Imagine you are in mountains, woods or at mid of the sea where generally no signal found and due to this star link linkage you could not only enjoy the network but also access the internet at speed of 150-200Mbps.

Tesla Model Pi with four-Lens Camera System

It is said that Tesla Smart Phone would  have quad camera . This four lens system will make you click in worst light condition with high resolution with astro photography mode. It will also offer many photo options such as wide angle and ultra wide angle.

In real life, of course, the iPhone 12 maxed out at three lenses for its rear camera system, and there’s no telling what a Tesla phone would do.

Though, it has expected that this Tesla phone will have a 108MP main camera, a 4K level 6.5 inches screen, a snapdragon 898 processor and a 2TB storage capacity.


Mining of Marscoin

Another fascinating feature of this smartphone could be its ability to mine Marscoin crypto currency . Ofcourse, Elon Musk is bullish on colonizing Mars and his interest in crypto currency has seen by world on time-to-time on twitter and his statements.

Marscoin (MARS) is a cryptocurrency and Musk says Mars settlements will likely include cryptocurrencies.

Tesla Model Pi with built-In Solar Charging

We all have came across the instances where our phones’ battery is dead and either we don’t have charger handy or unable to find power support.

Imagine if a mobile charges by simply putting outside it in Sun light.A Handy and portable Solar Panel device to charge your phone.

Yes, this feature might be found in Tesla smartphone Model Pi or Model P.

As we all know Elon Musk is focused on energy conservation and his company has already made a name with its classy solar panel shingles.

But there’s just one big problem with turning the back of a smartphone into a solar panel: you can’t use a case. Otherwise, we would have probably seen more smartphone brands try this by now.

Connections to Neuralink

Tesla model pi - neuralink

ADR released his ideas on Tesla smart phone calling it Neuralink Model Pi. This, like Neuralink itself, is more of a pipedream. Elon Musk’s Neuralink, is developing a commercial product that aims to connect a person’s brain with a computer. The startup is close to unveiling its first brain chips later this year.

Musk has made some grandiose claims about his company’s emerging technology. It could amplify a person’s hearing or even make it possible to stream music directly to a person’s brain, said Musk.

The most we can hope for here are some interesting medical applications born of Neuralink research in several years, such as supporting assistive technologies.

Unification with Tesla Cars

It is apparent that if Tesla is planning to launch its first smart phone, it will definitely have its integration with Tesla Car.

As ADR proposed, this smart phone Model Pi by Tesla can be used to access the Tesla Car engine ,to lock/unlock the car, remote commands (imagine using Summon mode directly from your phone), and monitoring all car specs from battery temperature to lighting.


Tesla Model Pi with Ultrasonic Fingerprint Unlock

Some kind of biometrics is an obvious pick for a Tesla phone. The company could theoretically use some of its development in smart cams for self-driving Tesla cars and create a Face ID system. However, fingerprint unlocking is also a possibility. The ADR concept features the ultrasonic sensor located on the touchscreen itself.


Also, the cost of this phone is expected around $800 to$1000 due to these great features of this phone and as per rumors phone can be come out in year 2022.

We are seeing the popularity and success of satellite internet services by Elon Musk  which is offering 200 to 300Mbps speed and it is not doubtful to say that model pi by Elon Musk  is not merely a dream .

The Tesla Phone’s ability to interact with and benefits from other domains of Elon Musk’s vision such as Tesla Car, Space X, Neuralink etc. definitely promises a super phone indeed.


All the above features seems pretty incredible  and if this smartphone with above features launched by Elon Musk, wouldn’t be it a great and innovative future ahead.



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