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21 Best Sites to Sign up and get Money instantly (2022)

Sign up and get money instantly

If you are in search of instant money making ways, then sign up and get money is a most instant way to earn some extra bucks.


It is not only an instant way but kind of a free way where all you need to do to earn is  just sign up with your email and confirming your email address could make $2 to $500 bonus.


Though there are plenty of options available on web for this but finding the most profitable and legit one can take your much time. So, to cut your chase short, we have come up with a list of apps that are legit and pay some good sign up bonus with no or minimum requirement.

1. Rakuten($10)

Rakuten is app that offer cash back for shopping at over 3500 stores. All you need is to shop at your favorite store with Rakuten, earn cash back on your shopping and get paid by check or PayPal with no fees.


Sign up Bonus: $10


How it Works:  You can get your sign up bonus of $10 by shopping with this app a minimum of $25 within 90 days of joining.


You can earn $30 for every friend you refer with your referral code and when your friend spend $30 on shopping through this app, you both will be credited with $30.

2.  ibotta($20)

Ibotta is a free cash back rewards and payments app that gives you real cash for everyday purchases when you shop and pay through the app.


Ibotta provides thousands of ways for consumers to earn cash on their purchases by partnering with more than 1,500 brands like Gap, Dominos, Sephora , Walamrt and many more.


Whether you’re buying groceries, clothing, electronics, or wine and beer, Ibotta will pay you cashback for your purchases.


Sign up Bonus: $20


How It Works: You can earn $20 bonus in three steps which includes redeeming in store and mobile shopping offers.


·       Receive a $10 Welcome Bonus for redeeming an in-store offer.


·       Receive a $5 Welcome Bonus for redeeming a Mobile Shopping offer


·       A secondary $5 Welcome Bonus for redeeming an in-store or Mobile Shopping offer


You can earn extra $10 bonus when you refer it your friend and when they submit their first receipt, you’ll both earn a $10 referral bonus.

3. Swagbucks($10)

Swagbucks is an online reward platform that pays its member for different activities that we do everyday such as watching videos, searching the web, playing games, scanning barcodes, taking online surveys and complete easy online tasks.


Sign up bonus: $10 with 2500SBs worth $25


How it works: To get this bonus you must spend $25 in a single purchase on shopping through Swagbucks.


It generally takes upto 10 days to get your reward.


4. Mypoints($10)

This platform provides you reward for tasks such as shop online,read emails,watch videos, share your opinion by taking surveys, find deals, search the web ,play games and like so.


Sign up bonus: $10 Amazon or Visa gift Card


How it Works:  To get this bonus you must spend $20 in two purchases on any shop merchant the MyPoints within 30 days of signing up and your account will credited 1750 points. These points can be redeemable for 1 $10 Gift card of your choice.

It generally takes upto 10 days to get your reward.


5. BeFrugal($10)

BeFrugal offers cashback whenever you purchase something from their any of partner stores such as amazon, ebay, sephora, Walmart, kohl’s and many more. There are over 5000 stores where Befrugal reward you cashback for your every purchase.


Sign up Bonus: $10


How It Works:  To get $10 bonus you need to purchase from partner stores and earn $10 cashback within one year of joining the platform. Once you earn $10 cashback through Befrugal platform your sign up bonus will be credited to your account.


After payment request it generally process the payment within 1 day.

You can also earn $10 bonus on referring to friends.

6. Acrons($10)

Acorns is a fintech company specializing in micro-investing which provides a platform for its members to invest spare in a diversified portfolio(ETFs) and help to grow their wealth.


This company also offers retirement savings accounts, a debit card, and other basic banking services.


Sign up Bonus: $ 10 bonus investment



How it Works:   To get $10 investment bonus all you need is to invest minimum of $5 through this plat form.


Also, there is referral program where you can earn $5 on referring Acrons to a friend and you both will get $5 bonus investment once your friend invest $5 thru this platform.


Great bonus offer – Acorns is offering a $600 bonus when you refer 3 friends who open a new Invest account and make their first deposit.

It will generally process your withdrawal request in one day.


7. Inbox Dollars($5)

Inbox Dollars is a reward club similar like swagbucks where you can earn rewards by doing various easy online activities such as shopping, reading paid emails, taking daily surveys and polls, paid search and more. Rewards are in form of cash, PayPal, and gift cards.


Sign up Bonus: $5


How it Works: Once you activate your account with Inbox Dollars by signing up you will receive your first paid email in your email inbox and as soon as you confirm the same $5 will be credited.


For each friend you refer who signs up and activates their account, you can earn $1.00 per referral up to 5 referrals. In addition, InboxDollars offers you a way to earn an additional 30% on all qualified earning made by your referral!


For example, say your Referred Friend earns a $30 offer credit to their account. At the same time they earn, you will also earn an additional $7 as your Member Referral Bonus, just for having brought them into the site through a referral.

It generally takes 7 days to credit your earning in your account.


8. Fusion Cash ($5)

Fusion app can help you to earn cash through the means of paid surveys, paid videos, paid radio, paid to click, paid tasks, paid to search and more.


You can cashout the money in your PayPal account, direct deposit or check after meeting minimum payout and other requirements of this platform.


Sign up Bonus: $5


How it Works:  You can easily get your sign up bonus of $5 by just confirming your email address and completing a brief survey.


There is also a way to earn some extra bucks by referral program of Fusion Cash where you refer this app to a friend

who confirms his/her email address you will get : $1 bonus

Your friend completes his/her first offer: $2 bonus

Your friend cashes out: $5 bonus (whenever they cashout – for life)

9.  Point Club ($5)

Point Club is an online survey site that pays its members through PayPal or gift cards for participating in online paid surveys.


Sign up Bonus: $ 5


How it works: You will get $5 as a welcome bonus for just confirming your email.


Point Club credits points for each survey you take or on successful completion of assigned task and generally 1000 points = $1.


When you refer a new member to PointClub, you will earn 10% of their points that they earn from taking surveys or completing tasks. 


If you refer more than 20 members, you will get 20% of the earnings made from your referrals in your account and you will become a brand ambassador for Point Club. 


But minimum payout on this platform is on higher side which is $25 or 25000 points.

10. Cash App ($5)

Cash App is a mobile payment service that allows users to send and receive money using mobile app. You will need to link your bank account to load money in this app and also to receive money through this app. The concept is same like PayPal and Venmo, you can also hold any fund in this app until you are ready to withdraw the same.


Sign Up Bonus: $ 5 through invitation


How It works:  To get your $ 5 bonus you need to first use invite code and link your bank account or debit card with this app. Then send at least $5 to your friend or family within 14 days of using invite code to earn bonus instantly.


You will get $30 for each friend you refer to the app and your friend will get $5 on using your referral code.


Just swap money with your family and you can earn some pretty good extra dollars instantly.


11. Robinhood ($10)

Robinhood is a commission fee free platform for trading in stocks and exchange traded funds.


Sign up Bonus: $10 stock bonus


How it Works:  Once you sign up for Robinhood brokerage account and link your bank to this account , you will be eligible for $10 stock reward. You are not supposed to invest any money to claim this welcome bonus.


If you are lucky enough you may have chance to win share of value between $3 and $225 but 98% chances are stock value being $2.5 to $10. 


In its referral program, Robinhood offers upto $500 stocks in a calendar year. So refer as much as you can and there is great chances to earn more stocks of high values.

12. Groupon ($10)

Groupon is a e commerce marketplace that connects its subscribers to local merchants by  offering different deals every day for a local good, service, travel or event in the city.


Sign up Bonus: $10 and extra 30% off for new customers


How it Works:  It pays via refer and earn program. You refer the app by sharing sign up link to your friend and if your referral purchases a Groupon $10 or more within 72 hours of signing up, then you will earn $10 in Groupon Bucks.

13. ExtraBux ($20)

ExtraBux is a cashback shopping site that rewards you for availing cashback offers and as well as coupon codes.


It is a free comparison shopping website where you can discover best prices and earn cashback offers or coupons on purchasing through ExtraBux.

Sign up Bonus: $20


How It Works: Once you join ExtraBux platform you can earn total of $20 Cashback on your purchase made within 180 days of your join date.


This app requires more purchase to pay you $20 sign up bonus.

14. Univox Community ($2)

Unnivox Community is a public community that is open and free to join and you can share your opinion on various products by taking surveys. You can win rewards for surveys taken.


Sign Up Bonus: $2


How It Works: Once you register yourself with Univox Community you will be instantly rewarded by $2 or 200 points.

You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal,Visa or Amazon gift cards but a minimum amount you can redeem is $25 which is 2500 points.


15. Cashcrate ($1)

Cashcrate is a get paid to task website where you will be paid for completing tasks and online surveys.


Sign Up Bonus: $1


How it Works: For confirming your email address you will get your welcome bonus of $1 and taking surveys which pay around $0.5 to $1 you can earn some extra money as minimum payout for this platform is $20.

16. Mr. Rebates ($5)

It is cashback site similar to other such as Swagbucks, Rakuten, Inbox dollars and others where you will be rewarded for every purchase made through their platform and these cashback site earns a handsome affiliate commission, part of which it distributes among its users as rewards or cash prizes.


Sign Up Bonus: $5


How It Works: Once you create your account with Mr. Rebates you need to complete your first purchase to earn $ 5 sign up bonus.


Once your account has $10 or more you can easily redeem these as a gift card or PayPal money.


17. Opinion Inn ($10)

This is a paid survey site where you will be rewarded for each survey that you take and you can redeem money through PayPal.


Sign up Bonus: $10


How it Works: Just create your account and confirm your mail id to earn $10 signup bonus. Opinion Inn rewards you between $0.25 to $20 for each survey you take on this platform.


And, once your Opinion Inn account balance reaches to $25 you can withdraw the same through PayPal or any other rewards provided by this platform.


18. Mobilexpression ($10)

Mobilexpression is a global leader in digital marketing research and a community that studies the trends and behaviours of people using the internet through their smartphones.


It let you earn gift cards and passive income with your smartphone.


Sign up Bonus: $10 Amazon gift card


How it Works: It is background app that you have to install in your smartphone to earn reward points. It will have access to your internet behaviour.


To earn $10 gift card you need to install this app in your device and let it be there for at least seven days to get the bonus.


19.Nate ($50)

Nate is a cash back reward website that is based on artificial intelligence.


By this app user can browse for items in the way they normally would do and at time of placing order skip the checkout and use the share to Nate app


The technology behind this app completes the purchase on behalf of user and also a pay later option is available with this.


Sign up Bonus: $50+ $20+$20


How it Works: Sign up for your account and link your bank account and address with Nate app to get your first welcome bonus of $50 that you can spend online retailers.


On your first purchase you will get $20 bonus and on second , another $20 will be credited in your Nate account.


If you want to maxout this offer try to order from your bonus and you can earn total of $50 if you spend $20 on your first two purchase.

However, this app is only available for iOS users as of now.  

20. Netspend ($20)

Netspend is a prepaid Visa card company that offers an alternative to checking accounts, debit cards or credit cards.


Sign Up Bonus: $20


How it Works: You will get your bonus of $20 once you sign up with referral and to cash out this you need to first deposit minimum $40.


21. Fetch Rewards ($5)

Fetch Rewards is a mobile based shopping platform that rewards users for buying the brands they like.

By simply scanning your receipts you can save on your everyday purchase.


Sign up Bonus: $2 to $5


How it Works: The sign up bonus of Fetch Rewards is a part of referral program where for every new referral you can earn between $2 to $5 (depending on existing offer).


As this app has instant payout on 3000 points which is $3 you can easily get money one each referral and cash out the same.


Final Thoughts

The main idea behind every platform that offers Sign up bonus is they want more and more users and giving a can bonus bring them more users than their competitors.


But, if there is no small requirements applied to cashout the bonus, no user will stay on their platform and they just get their bonus and go away from their platform even without using their any service.     


Also, these requirements doesn’t need your much effort and you can earn upto $100 to $600 in a day with just signing in on several platforms and referring the same to your friend family can make more extra bucks for you.


Our tip to reap max benefit from these sign up bonus offering website is- Make a separate email address for these kind of platform.



What Apps pay you instantly for signing up?

We have shared a list of 21 best apps to earn instant money just by signing up. These are the best platform among all available options.


But, If you are looking for an instant way for sign up and earn instant money without any string attached there is no way for that.


How much can I earn by signing up?

You can earn from $2- $ 50 by just signing up and referral program can make some extra hundred dollars for you.


What are the best Apps for earning instant money by signing up?

Apps like – Ibotta -$20

                   Be Frugal – $10

                    Cash App – $5

                    Robinhood – $10 stocks

                    Nate – $50

Are among best apps that pay more with less cash out requirements.



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