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Should you buy Electric Scooter? | 8 best electric scooters in India

Why you should buy Electric scooter


Electric scooters or Electric moped is a trending term right now in India. As many of the countries already established enough Electric vehicle ecosystem and stepping forward towards green energy.

However, India is still new to this trend of Electric scooters mainly due to infrastructure limitation and lack of awareness.

But we cannot deny that electric two wheeler is need of hour as factors such as increasing fuel prices besides poor air quality due to increased pollution cannot be ignored.

Also, Electric scooters have emerged as the ideal choice to start with for EV play as metros and cities would be the early adopters of electric scooters and this adaptability will make India’s interest towards EV ecosystem.

In this post we have covered everything that you need to know about Electric Scooter or Electric Two Wheelers, so let’s get started-


What is electric two wheeler and why it is trending right now ?

An electric two-wheeler or electric moped, uses rechargeable batteries as a source of energy instead of conventional IC (internal combustion) Engine which works on fuel.        

An electric scooter could consist two types of rechargeable batteries, lead or Lithium types. The battery (portable ones have come too) can be charged at home or at a public charging place, using a charger that comes along with the scooter.

The average charging time with a normal charger is 4-6 hours. A supercharger takes less than an hour.

Companies like Ola Electric, Ather, Pure etc has already launched their electric scooter models with high level of powers as well performance .

Comparison between running cost of IC engine two wheeler and Electric Two wheeler has gained attention from most of us.

Conventional scooters in India cost Rs 65-80,000, and deliver a mileage of around 40-50kpl. Running costs, in terms of fuel consumption alone, can be approximately Rs 2/km.

For electric scooters with lithium-ion batteries, the initial purchase price is around Rs 1-1.25 lakh (a bit less with subsidies in some states), which is a fair bit more than one pays for an ICE scooter.

However, with electricity costs calculated at Rs 6/unit, e-scooters can have running costs as low as 15-20 paise per km.

Which means ICE scooters can be up to 10 times or more expensive to run when compared to electric scooters.

E-scooters are also quite likely to be substantially lower on maintenance costs, since EV motors have far fewer moving parts than an internal combustion engine, and generally have much higher levels of operating efficiency.

Since e-mopeds are 100% battery-powered, they are cost-efficient and emission-free and govt  is loud and clear on his goal of having an all EV fleet on Indian roads by 2030.

By making the shift to electric vehicles, India stands to benefit on many fronts-

It has a relative abundance of renewable energy resources and availability of skilled work force in the technology and manufacturing sectors.

Also, 100 per cent foreign direct investment is allowed in this sector under the automatic route. As a result, we are seeing new and stylish launches of electric two wheelers now a days .


Things to consider before buying an electric Scooter

electric scooter

If you are thinking to buy an electric scooter, following is your ready checklist to be considered-

·       Compare the electric scooter on the basis of Top speed, torque and range

·       Check for battery charging time, Battery life and whether company is providing any warranty on battery replacement

·       Take a test drive atleast 2-3 times to get comfortable and make sure that you enjoy riding electric Bikes or scooters

·       Also ask the salesmen for build quality, effect of weather be it sunny day or rainy is there any extra precaution need to be taken

·       Don’t forget to ask about maintenance and cost of battery replacement if needed in future.

Additionally, if you have made up your mind on buying an electric scooter you should must be aware about government subsidy program on purchasing of an electric vehicle to save some extra penny.


Incentives and offers on electric scooters

·       Centre offers incentive under the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (FAME-II) scheme: Rs15,000/KWh, with a cap of 40% of cost of vehicle.

·       Several states like Maharashtra and Delhi offer subsidies.

·       There is no road tax on electric two-wheelers in Chandigarh, while Punjab and Haryana charge 6% and 7%, respectively.

To avail the subsidy, scooters need to have a minimum range of 80 km/h, and a minimum top speed of 40 km/h. 


·       Low-powered electric scooters that have a top speed of not more than 25 kmph do not require a driving license, vehicle registration or insurance. These are, however, not eligible for Centre/state incentives.

·       High-speed EVs require registration charge and driving licence. 

Is there enough Infrastructure available for electric scooters in India

While Electric Scooters are seem attractive to us considering the running Cost though availability of Charging station infrastructure is our biggest concern.

If we look at IC engine Two wheelers fuel availability and time to refuel your vehicle  it is nearly 3-4 minutes only ,here we are not counting waiting time at petrol pumps.

Since Electric Charging stations are not vastly available in India and charging time is atleast half an hour , but government is putting their efforts to develop enough charging infrastructure in India.

It is evident that if government is planning to achieve its goal of all electric vehicle by year 2030, there is surely plans to promote charging infrastructure


electric scooter - charging station


·         The government has announced that it will set up 69,000 EV charging stations across India. The competition in the Indian EV space has just begun.

·         Only 427 charging stations have been installed across the country; Centre has sanctioned 2,877 more costing Rs500 crore in 68 cities.

·         Ola Electric claims its network will have more than 100,000 charging points in 400 cities.

·         Simple One plans 300 public fast chargers

·         Hero Electric has installed 1,650 charging stations, aims to increase that to 20,000 by 2022.


Tata Power, the most significant player in the charging business, has so far have been able to set up only around 600 public chargers across the country, and that too spread over 120 cities.

Two months ago, they announced a tie-up with HPCL to set up charging stations at HP petrol pumps across the country.

They are also moving aggressively to set up charging stations around workplaces, malls, hotels, housing societies, and individual homes.

They have so far provided more than 5,000 home chargers across the country.

Home charging would be ideal, especially for EV scooter owners, but the problem is that most people in large cities live in multi-storey buildings, so pulling a wire from a higher storey apartment to the scooter parked downstairs from a home charger is easier said than done.

These are the problems that scooter makers will have to deal with if they want to increase numbers.

But we cannot overlook  the EV two wheeler trend and government support for go electric.

On the one side Electric Vehicles would save your money on running cost and on the other, EV charging infrastructure set up or buying a EV Charging franchise from big manufacturers could be a good business idea as it will surely get boom in upcoming times.


Best Electric Scooters available in india

Ola s1 e scooter

If you are looking to embrace this EV future, here are some of the best electric scooters and electric bikes in India.



Battery Capacity


Charging time

Top speed






6.5 hours


Ather 450



55 – 75 km

5 hours

80 kmph

Revolt RV 400



80 – 150 km

4.5 hours

80 kmph

Bajaj Chetak



85 – 95 km

5 hours

78 kmph

TVS iQube Electric



75 km

5 hours

78 kmph

Okinawa iPraise



160 km (Eco mode)

4 hours

70 kmph

Hero Photon 48V


48 V, 28 Ah

80 – 110 km

5 hours

45 kmph

Tork T6X



100 km

80% – 1 hour

100 kmph


Final Verdict on E Scooters- to buy or not to buy

In this post we have tried to share every important aspect that one should be aware about electric Two Wheelers .

Before making your mind for Electric two wheeler one should think about there need behind purchasing.

If you are one who wants to buy  an electric scooter for commuting 5-10 miles daily or your purpose behind purchasing is only for daily or weekly grocery shopping You can go for electric scooters as the challenges of infrastructure, Charging station limitations and  maintenance centers are not the things that will bother you.

It will be fun to use these electric scooters as great performance with stylish look is a cool way to keep yourself in trend .

Also you can easily charge it at home whenever you need and no worry about fuel prices and distance of petrol pump from your home.

But if you are using a two wheeler to commute from one point of city to another and daily to and fro distance covered by you is not less than 45 km , then you need to consider various challenges that are being faced by India as you have to deal with these challenges more often.

The EV ecosystem needs to advance in three areas: lowest cost battery packs, creating battery raw materials feedstock through recycling to ensure geo-strategic independence, and domestic intellectual property and manufacturing for a seamless supply chain.

To build a robust EV ecosystem, India needs enhanced manufacturing capability.



If you are investing a good amount of your money to buy yourself a comfortable as well low running cost ride then decide wisely so you would not end with regret on your purchase.

In second case where daily journey distance is more than 45kms and also if you are residing at small cities , our advice is to wait for one more year to see the progress and performance of electric two wheeler segment to get real time review.



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