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7 Best places to sell textbooks for cash

sell textbooks

We all know that some textbooks or academic books are of no use after end of semester exams, so instead of piling these books in your shelves, you can always sell textbooks and generate some extra cash.


Plus, in this way you are going to help those students who cannot afford to buy a brand-new text book and searching for second hand books.


So, if you are looking for trusted places to sell your text books and earn some money from it, you are at right place.


In this post we are sharing best places to sell text books and you can find the best fit among our research to make a good deal by it.


How to sell textbooks

There are few popular ways to sell text books which are

– Sell text books back to stores

– Sell text books online

– Sell text books in person.


You can sell your text books back to college store where you have purchased them or there are some stores at book store market which accepts second hand books.


Though pricing of second-hand books mainly depends on their condition and edition. Better the condition or newer the edition, you have better the chances to earn some good cash in return of your text books.


Similarly, there are some online platforms which are ready to take your used text books, you just need to enter ISBN number to know the sell back value of your text books.


ISBN is 10 0r 13-digit number which is acronym for International Standard Book Number. This number identifies a specific book, an edition of a book, or a book-like product (such as an audiobook).


Or, you can also go for sell text books in person option. You can put an offer on notice board of your college or use Facebook marketplace, craigslist or Offer Up to reach the buyer. Once you found your buyer, arrange a in person meeting to complete the transaction.


Best places to sell textbooks Online

There are loads of options available on internet to sell text books online. We have picked the most trusted ones to help you to save your time. Here are our top 7 places where one can sell text books online-

1. Gotextbooks

Sell textbooks

Chegg is providing you an option to sell your text books by directing you on separate platform of  Gotextbooks. Here are 3 easy steps to sell text books on Gotextbooks-


A. Enter ISBN and get quote instantly.

You can find this ISBN number on the back cover, next to the barcode or sometimes you can find the same on the page featuring the copyright and publisher information.


B.  Ship to Gotextbooks for free

Gotextbooks provides prepaid shipping labels and packing slips for all sellback orders.


Just print these labels and ship the items within7 days of order being created as prepaid labels will expire after the 8th day.

Drop your package off at any convenient UPS Ground location.


C. Get your Cash.

Upon acceptance of your buyback order a check will be sent on your address via USPS or you can receive your payment through PayPal asper your choice.


Payment Processing time : 2 to 14 Days



sell textbooks

This platform is specifically for UK residents. You cannot sell your books on Webuybooks if you living outside UK. For UK peopleit is a great platform to sell text books and earn some extra cash.


Like most of the online platforms, Webuybook works in similar way whereyou canget instant quote for your book by entering ISBN and shipping is prepaid.


One good thing about this platform is it releases payment very next working day and reviews on trust pilot arre very positive for this platform for sell text books.


Minimum value requirement is £5, once you meet this requirement you can ship labels and send your items to them.


Payment Processing time: Next Working Day


3. Ziffit

sell textbooks

Ziffit is a free online service that instantly values your books in a likewise to other platforms and offers great prices. The quickest way to check if Ziffit accepts your books, is to scan your barcodes on their free app.


They also have bulk scanner where you can scan up to 500 ISBNs. Payment options are bank transfer and PayPal Payments. This platform buys from the USA as well from the UK.


Remember, you need to meet a minimum $15 value to complete a trade on Ziffit. 


Payment Processing time: 3-5 Working Day


4. ecampus

sell textbooks - ecampus

Another marketplace to sell your text books is ecampus  where you can get a god buyback offer for your text books at free of any cost.


You can choose your preferred method of payment – PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check or In-Store Credit. By choosing in store credit option, you can also get extra bonus on your offer.


With ecampus you can sell anything on your bookshelves, be it Textbooks, Novels, Biographies or Non-Fiction.


Payment Processing time: 3-5 Weeks from the time item is received.


5. Bookscouter

Sell Textbooks

BookScouter is a textbook selling search engine that compares 35 different vendors for you to sell your textbook.


So, basically bookscouter compares all the buyback offer provided by different sites and you can find best offer without wasting your time on different platforms. If you like an offer, accept it, send back your books, and get paid.


By using their app which is available for iOS and Android you can scan tons of books at your convenience.


Payment Processing time: depends on your selected vendor policy but usually it is 3-7 working days.


6. Textbookrush

sell textbooks

Textbookrush is another platform to sell text books in easy and freeway. They accept US edition textbooks, international edition, eastern economy/ Indian edition textbooks and other sample textbooks.


Payment Processing time:  5-10days to issue payment via check and 1 business day to issue payment via PayPal or store credits.


7. Valore Books

sell textbooks

Another great textbook comparison Platform is ValoreBooks, similar to Bookscouter. This platform lets you enter your ISBN, and then it automatically pulls prices from buyers from all over.


ValoreBooks always make sure that you get top dollar for your textbooks by providing price match benefit. If you find a better price elsewhere, you can let them know, and they will match it, as easy as that.


Payment processing time:  7-14 days to issue payment via check and 2-7 business day to issue payment via PayPal.



Tips on selling textbook

If you want to make your textbooks trading profitable, do not forget to consider below tips before completing your trade-


1.      Consider postage or shipping charges and minimum order value as some platforms like eBay, Amazon and some others do not provide prepaid shipping while some others have minimum order value condition.


2.    Compare the price offer from all buy back books platforms.


3.    Pay attention while packing your items as some time your carelessness towards packaging can cause you loss. Water damaged items are not acceptable by book buyer platforms.


4.    Always take multiple photographs from all possible ends to prove their conditions before shipping as you would have no control how the books will be handled during postage.


5.    Excessive highlighting or notes can be bad for valuation of your books.


Before choosing trading platform to sell textbooks, make sure you have read FAQ section and acceptance guidelines for used books to avoid any misunderstanding.


The Bottom line

In this post we have tried to share those marketplaces which provides you free selling experience for your text books. However, this list is not exhaustive as there are other platforms which also deals with second hand textbooks.


You may find good offers at eBay, Amazon, craigslist, Facebook marketplace etc ,  but there might be hidden fees like platform fees and shipping charges. Before making your mind, consider all the costs and profit outcome, then only proceed with selling.


Making money by selling text books is not your motive but just want to declutter your book shelf, then you can donate these books to local library, schools or at Goodwill.


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