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How to Sell Gift Cards instantly Online and Make Profit

sell gift cards instantly

No doubt that retailers love to offer gift cards to their customers as gift cards push the customer to spend more to avail the benefit of gift card but if you feel that your gift card is of no use for you, you can simply sell your gift cards instantly online and in exchange you can get your favorite store’s gift card or even take cash into your account.


Whether you are having an electronic gift card or plastic gift card you can sell gift cards instantly online at ease of your home and in no time.


In this article we are sharing 8 best ways to sell gift cards instantly online as we know no one like the piling up of gift cards of stores where they do not like to make purchase.

8 Best ways to sell gift cards instantly Online

1. Raise

Raise is a well known gift card marketplace which can be used by both buyer and seller of gift cards. In addition to it, Raise also offers mobile apps, cashbacks and coupons.


At Raise, you need to list your gift card number, balance and PIN, then you will get to determine your selling price so you are directly offering your gift card to buyers and you can set a price whatever you like.


You can sell both physical or electronic gift card and in return Raise pays you by check, PayPal or direct deposit.


Raise will take 15% of every sale you make so for $100 gift card if you list this at $90  with 10% discount , your final earning will be $76.50.


And, for physical card there will be fee of either $2.75 or 1% of the value of card , based on whichever is higher.   


2. CardCash

This marketplace is very easy to use to sell gift cards instantly online. All you need to do is, type the store name and amount of your gift card and then click “get offer”.


CardCash will immediately show the prize they are willing to pay you which is mostly up to 92% of the value of your gift card.


And selling is so quick that you will immediately get cash via your selected option. There are payout options of check, direct deposit or payPal.


There is no huge selling fee but a small verification or identification fee charged by CardCash. It will make a temporary $1 authorization charge on your credit card for identification.


3. GiftCash

GiftCash is another best platform to sell gift cards instantly online. Here, you can sell unused gift cards for cash payouts of upto 92% of the card value.


And then buying gift card from available brand options can help you to get cashback rewards.


There are more than 150 brands options are available with GiftCash.


But if you are planning to sell your physical gift card on GiftCash you will need a card reader that can be a drawback as all of us not having card readers.


GiftCash is one of the few platforms that pays you in form of crypto also. However, there will be a transaction fee according to market rate for crypto payouts.


Apart from this, they also offer payout in terms of bank transfer and Interac.


The catch for using GiftCash is, they do not accept gift card of less than $25 value. So, to sell your gift card with GiftCash make sure its value should be $25 or more.


4. QuickCashMI

This site is well known for sell gift cards for cash and you can sell gift cards for a check in the mail. As claimed by them, All purchase transactions are covered by their Warranty.


Here you are directly selling or purchasing from QuickCashMI. To sell gift card instantly online with this site you just need to enter details of merchant and value of card and you will receive offer from this site.


The good thing about this site is it accept gift cards from all major merchants and you will receive your payout within 24 hours as claimed by QuickCashMI.


5. GameFlip

GameFlip is a site where you can do more than just selling gift cards. Here you can also earn Bitcoins against your sell of gift cards.


You can also buy and sell in-game items, NFTs, video games and accessories.


But if you are looking at this site as a gift card selling platform then you can use this site to sell unused and non reloadable gift cards to Amazon, Google Play, App store, Xbox and PSN.


You can offer your card at your choice of price. However, this site recommends you to offer discount in between 2% to 15%.


There is listing fee of 8% and for digital-only listings Gameflip cut additional 2%.


Once your gift card got sold , funds are transferred to your wallet and same can be withdrawn using Payoneer, Skrill, Wise or Bitcoin.


GameFlip do not use PayPal.


6. GiftCard Granny

Gift Card Granny is available for iOS as well Android users who want to sell gift card instantly online.


The process is simple which provides three options to seller where you can sell your gift card instantly or list your offer price or just trade in for cash or another brand’s Gift Card.


However, compared to cashcard you will get less value against your gift card but Gift Card Granny is a trusted site because of its presence in market since long time.


One of the good features of this site is that you can compare the selling prices on different marketplaces with a single query.

Popular brands on Gift Card Granny are:

Apple, Target, NedStorm, Starbucks


7. ClipKard

ClipKard is one of the most trusted platform to sell gift cards instantly online for cash. This marketplace has good trust rating.


However, the thing most of us do not like about ClipKard is, it deals only with 15 specific companies:  Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Disney Store, Domino’s, Dunkin Donuts, Gap, Hollister, JCPenny, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Marriot, Starbucks, Subway, Victoria’s Secret, and Walmart.


If you are one who is having gift card from these 15 companies then, you will be happy to know that there is no fees to sell gift cards on ClipKard.


You need to enter details of gift cards such as balance and serial number and you will receive offer from ClipKard after your information reviewed by them.


For physical gift cards, you’ll need to ship them to ClipKard via USPS, and they will either pay you for shipping or deduct it from your total.


You will receive payment through PayPal or a check via mail. Also, you can rewards on your transactions made on ClipKard and once you receive 1000 points , you will get $10 discount on your next purchase with ClipKard.

8. Other Options

Ebay : Ebay is well known and most trusted site to sell your gift card online. However, you will not get great selling price for your gift card.


Craiglist: This option is for people who want to sell their gift cards in person as it is quick plus you instantly get money on selling gift cards


Scams to avoid selling gift cards instantly Online

There can be chances to get scammed while selling gift cards online as some sites promises to give you a great deal but once you submit your card details they never pay you back.


Always check online reviews of new site before submitting your details with them and try to go for only trusted sites who offers money back guarantee or warranty.


Sometimes you may not get best price of your gift cards but in greed of earn more do not get scammed.


If you are not able to get best deal for your gift card then instead of sell it at very low price, you can always gift your gift cards to your friends or office colleagues on their birthday or as a thank you gesture.



How to make profit from selling gift cards online?

Gift card flipping can be profitable if you find right buying and selling deals. Always try to get free gift card by using credit card reward points or payment apps or market research apps, once you accumulate sufficient points redeem the points for gift cards  of popular brand or festival specific deals.


Once you acquired your solid selection of gift cards, sell them on trusted sites where you can get cash , of course this cash value of gift card would be less than its face value, but you are still making profit as you get that gift card for free.


Another way to make more profit by selling gift card online is to always choose sites that  have no or minimum selling or listing fee and rewards every transaction made in term of cashback along with selling value of gift card.


How to sell Amazon Gift Cards Online?

There are some few sites that accepts Amazon gift card for cash now a days. Raise , card cash and Gameflip still buys unused and non reloaded prepaid gift cards.


However, all the trusted sites as shared above where you can make offer directly to buyer , you always sell your Amazon gift card.


How to sell Walmart Gift Cards Online?

Sites like CardCash, ClipKard, GameFlip, GiftCash and Raise accept Walmart gift card. We have researched all these websites for $25 walmart gift card and found out that GiftCash and CardCash are offering highest of $22 instantly.


But if you are holding a gift card of value less than $25, GiftCash will no longer be an option for you as minimum gift card value should be $25 to sell with this platform.


How to sell a physical gift card online?

There are sites like Raise, ClipKard and other shared above accept Physical gift card but all you need to do is sent your physical gift card to these platform and wait to get acceptance confirmation from these sites.


So, physical gift can be sold but there is waiting time unlike electronic gift card which can be sold instantly online.


Other option is you can convert your physical gift card into its digital version if this facility provided by the marketplace you have selected. This way can help you to immediately sell your physical gift card instantly online.


Final Thoughts

You can easily sell gift card instantly online by using above marketplace. However, always compare all the options before directly selling it and confirm the selling or listing fee charged by these marketplaces for gift cards.


Reselling gift cards would not earn great profit for you but only $2 to $3 per gift card. In order to make great profit, you will need to trade more and look out for deals.


But, if these gift cards are of no use for you and you are having plenty of them, it is better to sell them for cash or exchange for your favorite brand’s.



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