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9 best Online Tutoring Jobs where No experience or college degree required

online tutoring jobs

If you are a college student or looking for a way to earn some extra money with flexible work hours, then, no other job can be as suitable as Online Tutoring Jobs.


Of course, flexible working hours and good pay-out make these online tutoring jobs attractive enough for anyone looking for a way to earn some extra money. This post is exclusively for college students or one who is not holding any bachelor’s degree or PhD but has great passion for teaching.


We are sharing 9 best platforms where you can easily earn between $10 and $25 (after deduction of commission) per hour by teaching from home.


Here is a quick summary of all these online tutoring jobs platforms to save your time-


Platform Name

Base Pay



$8.50 to $13 per hour

At least 1 year of experience in teaching

MyTutor(UK Only)

GBP 10 to 24  per hour


Tutorgigs (US only)

$20 per session


Wyzant(US only)



All Right

$10-$12 per hour

No experience required but TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate required


$10-$12 per hour



$8-$16 per hour



$10-$38.90 per hour



$14+ $7bonus per hour



What are Online Tutoring Jobs

Online education is booming with students all over the world appreciating the learning through digital platform as per their convenience and requirements. This soaring demand has made online tutoring jobs a lucrative and increasingly popular work from home opportunity.


Anyone who do not want to go for 9 to 5 jobs or wants a flexible work hours, can go for online tutoring jobs.


Some of the online teaching platforms require specific degree or working experience and some other platforms are looking for college or higher school students with no experience or degree or certificate.


If you are a student and wants to earn some extra cash by teaching, all you need is-  good communication skills and confidence with teaching passion.


What are the basic requirements to become an online tutor without degree-

The most basic technical requirement among all the online tutoring jobs are- Laptop with HD camera & a headset and high speed internet connection.


Most of the online tutoring marketplaces have similar technical requirements and these things are already available with us. So, you do not need to invest any major amount to fulfil the technical requirements.


Apart from technical requirements, usually all the applicants are required to give a mock tution or interview by these tutor platforms.


You can easily find in depth knowledge of working of each platform on their website.


We are sharing our research findings for best online tutoring platform where no degree is required –


1. Fluentbe

Fluentbe is an online ESL school based in Warsaw, Poland. Any registered teacher can take classes online via Zoom either one on one or in group of up to 4 students.


If you can speak an intermediate level of English , you should give a try to this online tutoring platform.


Here are some specifics about this platform which might be helpful for you-


Requirements- English Teachers with 1 year experience of teaching English  and one must teach 2+ courses with class duration of 25-90 minutes.


Student category- Children (7+ years) and Adults both


Class Size- One to Four students per class


Minimum Hours- between 1 and 3 per week


Payout- $8.50 to $13 per hour


Payment Frequency- 10th of each month


Payment options- Fluentbe payment is in either USD,GBP,EUR or PLN via PayPal, Payoneer or bank transfer.


Trust pilot rating –  4.8 star out of 5 with 459 reviews


2. MyTutor

MyTutor is London based online tutoring company exclusively serving UK students.


There are two type of booking available- School bookings and Private bookings to teach subjects among Mathematics, English and Science. MyTutor website is available with various resources to help tutors.


Tutors are required  to complete MyTutor Training before work with school students.


Here are some specifics about this platform which might be helpful for you-


Requirements- Only current students or recent graduates from 60 universities with right to work in UK can apply.


Student category- School Students


Class Size- One to six students (individual or group basis)


Minimum Hours- No restriction


Payout- GBP 10 to 24  per hour – This is take home salary after deductions/commission.


Payment Frequency- Fortnightly


Payment options- MyTutor payments are made via BACS which can take 3-5 days  to  reach the recipient’s bank account.


Trust pilot rating –  4.7 out of 5


3. Tutorgigs

If you are from the US or legally permitted to work in the US, you can work with this online tutoring platform. Tutorgigs accept applications for all  K-12 subjects especially Maths, English and Spanish tutors.


Tutorgigs provides you flexibility in choosing initial teaching schedule, but you must commit to teaching identical times/days as you are going to stay with the same students for entire duration of semester.


Here are some specifics about this platform which might be helpful for you-


Requirements- Must be legally permitted to work in the US. No experiences required.


Student category- K-12 students


Class Size- Individual or Group of 6


Minimum Hours- 1 to 40 per week. Each session duration is 10-60 minutes.


Payout- $20 per hour


Payment Frequency- Weekly (Every Friday)


Payment options-  Direct deposit, ACH, electronic check or PayPal


4. Wyzant

Wyzant provides online tutoring jobs to US residents where one can teach children and adults in more than 300  subjects available.


This platform provides flexibility to its tutors in working hours, teaching style, lesson frequency and duration.


No curriculum is provided by Wyzant , so you must create your own teaching material.


Here are some specifics about this platform which might be helpful for you-


Requirements- Tutor should be US resident.


Student category- Children and adult both


Class Size- One to One basis


Minimum Hours- No restriction


Payout- $35-$63 per hour before deducting commission. (Wyzant charges 25% per lesson)


Payment Frequency- Bi- monthly , on 1st and 15th of each month


Payment options-  Direct deposit


Trust pilot rating –3.6 out of 5


5. All Right

All Right English school is an online teaching school which provides one -on- one classes of children aged 3 to 15 Years .


This platform prefers the tutors with teaching certificate or a degree holder who can commit to work atleast 15 hours a week. Duration of each class is between 25 and 55 minutes.


Here are some specifics about this platform which might be helpful for you-


Requirements- Tutor should be US resident.


Student category- Children from 3 to 15 years old


Class Size- Individual basis


Minimum Hours- 15 hours per week


Payout- $ 10- $12 per hour


Payment Frequency- Every 2 weeks on Monday


Payment options- PayPal or Payoneer


Trust pilot rating –  4.7 out of  5


6. Cambly

Cambly is an Online English learning platform for adults as well kids. English teaching includes basic English teaching as well conversational and business English practice.


Tutors at Cambly can set their own schedule as per their convenience.


Here are some specifics about this platform which might be helpful for you-


Requirements- Native English Speaker and age should be 18 years.


Student category- Kids and Adults both


Class Size- One-to-One basis


Minimum Hours- No Restriction


Payout-  $10.20 – $12


Payment Frequency-  Weekly


Payment options- PayPal only


Trust pilot rating – 4.3 out of 5


7. Italki

italki is one of the largest platform to learn different languages for kids as well adults. Another good thing about this platform is that it only charges 15% as commission fee which is lower than other marketplaces.


Here are some specifics about this platform which might be helpful for you-


Requirements- Native or near native speaker with age at least 18 years.


Student category- Adults and Children both


Class Size- One on One basis


Minimum Hours- No Restriction


Payout– $5 to $60 per hour


Payment Frequency– fortnightly


Payment options– PayPal and Payoneer


Trust pilot rating –  4.6 out of 5

8. Preply

Similar to italki , Preply is another language learning platform and marketplace for tutors. No specific requirement to teach at Preply platform. However, unlike italki, trial lessons are unpaid.


Commission rate charged by Preply is upto 33% which is a bit high comparing to other marketplaces.


Here are some specifics about this platform which might be helpful for you-


Requirements– Must be 18 years or older with good communication skills.


Student category- Children and Adults both


Class Size- One-on-One basis as well group of 4-6 students


Minimum Hours- No Restriction


Payout-  $10- $39 per hour


Payment Frequency-  As per user choice


Payment options- PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill and Wise


Trust pilot rating – 4.2 out of 5


9. Splashlearn

Splashlearn is an online tutoring marketplace to teach pre-K to 5th grade children. Apart from Maths ,they also tutor English Language Arts following US common Core curriculum for both ELA and math’s subject.


Headquarter of Splashlearn is based in India and their primary market is the USA. Though their services are available globally and more than 30 million children are using their platform.  


Here are some specifics about this platform which might be helpful for you-


Requirements-  Native speakers who have one year of teaching experience and online teaching experience of at least 200 hours in any subject.


Student category- Children


Class Size- One to Five students


Minimum Hours- No strict minimum hours but one must be available to teach after school hours on at least 2 days a week.


Payout- $ 14- $21 per hour


Payment Frequency-  Monthly (10 th of every month)


Payment options– Wire transfer


Trust pilot rating – 3.9 out of 5


Online Tutoring Jobs  FAQ

Can I tutor online without a degree?


Yes, there are some marketplaces which do not require any degree or certificate. We have shared best of these platforms where anyone without a degree can become a tutor.

All you need is good knowledge of subject and some impressive teaching skills. As some of platforms do not provide any study material and provide you free hand to teach the subject in your style as impressive and engaging for students as you can.


How much do online tutors earn?


Online tutors can earn between $8 and $40 per hour based on  their skills and  teaching experience.

If you are having an online teaching experience with degree/certification in particular subject or language, you can easily earn more than $30 per hour.



What qualifications do you need to be an online tutor?


Degree or language certification along with impressive one-to-one or group teaching skills is main qualification for an online tutor.

However, a degree/certificate is not always necessary as one who is having good communication skills and high confidence can also become an online tutor and earn a pretty handsome salary.


How much is online tutoring per hour?


Online tutoring can help you to earn $10-$80 per hour based on your experience and age group of students. As elementary school tutors can typically make closer to $15 per hour and specialty skill level tutors can  make on higher end between $30-$80 an hour.


What age can you become a tutor?


To become an online tutor you should be 18 years or older. so online tutoring marketplace is not an ideal  job for teens unless you’re in grade 12 or doing a victory lap.


The Bottom line

If you are a beginner and serious about online tutoring jobs, you should start with platforms that do not require any degree or certification. Also, do not look only for great pay rate at the beginning, just try to gain online teaching experience and polish your teaching skills.

Once you have some online teaching experience then go for platforms, which offer good pay rate and more flexibility in work hours. In this way you can easily earn good cash from this side hustle.

However, you can earn your education degree online through several accredited programs and start your career as an online teacher. 


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