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9 Best Make Money Apps to Earn extra Cash

make money apps

There are plenty of make money apps available but choosing the right one can also help you to save time. In this post we are sharing 9 make money apps which are trusted and definitely help you to earn some extra cash.


Here, we are sharing our top 7 choices for make money apps so that you can pick the best ones for you.




Available on

Best for Shopping


Android, iOS

Best for Get Paid to complete tasks


Android, iOS

Best for gig economy apps


Android, iOS

Best for Surveys

survey junkie

Android, iOS

Best for Investing


Android, iOS

Best for online shopping

Capital One Shopping

Android, iOS

Best for selling things online

Offer up

Android, iOS


We have created this list of best make money apps by considering their rating on google play store as well on apple store so that you do not end up wasting your precious time.


These money making apps do not require an alien task from you to earn money on these platforms. You can easily earn money by doing the same things as performed on day-to-day life, by using these apps.


It is always better to find a way to save some extra bucks on everyday tasks. Also, we all spend so much time on our smart phones, so using it in a way to make some extra bucks is pretty good thing.

What are best make money apps?

There are many apps that can help you to make money while using these apps in your smartphone. We have categorized these apps based on their purpose of use such as- shopping, investing, taking polls, selling things online, gigs or get paid to tasks.


1. Ibotta

Ibotta is a shopping app and browser extension that can be used to earn cash back at retailer locations as well while shopping online.

Best Fit for: In store Shopping

How it works: To earn cashback at your favorite retailer store, open the app — click the “find offers” button and add the offers you are interested into your account.

Now go to your near retailer store and make purchases like you normally would.  It’s time to earn cash back on your shopping and for that you would require to Upload your store purchase receipt using app’s camera function to earn cashback.

Ibotta automatically finds a match with the offers you previously selected before you went shopping and you are all set to redeem the offer for cash back.   




100% free to use

Offers are store-specific

Earn cashback on gift card purchases

You need to make online purchases through app.

You can cash out at $20 only


Sign up and referral bonuses



Rating:   iOS app rating- 4.8/5 Stars

Android app rating – 4.8/5 Stars


2. Rakuten

Rakuten formerly known as Ebates is a cashback site where you can earn 1% to 40% cashback for making purchases through their website or by using their browser extension.


Best Fit For: Online Shopping


How it works: To earn cash back from Rakuten all you need to do is make purchase through their app or if you do not want to navigate to Rakuten each time while shopping online, just download the browser extension.

Rakuten will track you whenever you are on retail partner’s site and it will create a little popup at checkout to indicate that you’re eligible for cashback rewards.

Rakuten is an affiliate marketing company which get paid by retailers in terms of commission whenever buyer purchases through their platform.




1% to 40% Cashback

Pays out cashback accrual checks only quarterly

Above 2500 stores partners

Encourage impulse shopping

Referral Program



Rating:   iOS app rating- 4.8/5 Stars

Android app rating – 4.1/5 Stars


3. Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a free web browser tool that lets you earn rewards for purchases made online at thousands of popular retailers. Plus, it gives you access to hundreds of coupon codes to save money on online purchases.


Best Fit for: Online Shopping


How it Works: This app searches over 30,000 online retailers to find the best deals for you. Capital One Shopping is a make money app which help you to save or make money by comparing prices as you shop online and by earning rewards.

Instead of visiting several retailer sites to find best deal on your selected product, you can just search for items directly on the Capital One Shopping website.

 As you search, you can compare pricing and different brands to find the best deals.



Redeem credits/rewards for gift cards

No cash back redemption option

Price drop notification on watchlist items

Coupon codes do not work always

Partner with over 30,000 of popular retailers



Rating:   iOS app rating- 4.8/5 Stars

Android app rating – 4.4/5 Stars

4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online market research community that delivers data and analytics to the market research industry. It is surely a great and trusted platform to earn some extra money by Completing online surveys in your spare time.

Best Fit For:  Online Surveys

How it Works:  There are two ways to earn points at Survey Junkie platform to cash out for money or gift card- First is, Taking Surveys and another one is, through their add on program called as- “SJ Pulse” which allows you to share your online activity with brands in exchange for bonus points.

Taking Surveys – is a well-known method of earning points and there is no shortage of survey opportunities. These surveys can help you to earn anywhere between 10 and 200 points by spending average 10-15 minutes.

Through their “SJ Pulse” program, browser extension or app permission enables Survey Junkie to share your browsing habits with brands. This fetches you some additional surveys to earn more points.



Sign up Bonus by completing some quick tasks

Only residents from the US, Canada, and Australia are allowed to join

Redeem points as per your choice for a gift card, PayPal Cash, or bank transfer

Offered surveys are few

Long expiration on points



Rating:   iOS app rating- 4.6/5 Stars

Android app rating – 4.4/5 Stars

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a rewards site and mobile app where you can earn or win free points(SB points) by completing simple and everyday online tasks.


Best Fit For: Get Paid to Sites


How it Works: Swagbucks has ability to make some extra money for you from the tasks what you’re already doing. There are so many different ways to start earning SB points such as- Take Surveys, Shop Online, Search the Web, Buy Gift Cards, Watch Videos, Play Games, upload receipts and many more.

Usually, 1 Swagbuck or SB point equals $0.01. So, you’d need at least 300 SB Points which is $3 to cash out PayPal cash or gift cards.




$20 Sign up bonus

Lower payouts for some tasks such as watching videos

Easy Rewards

Offered surveys are few

So many ways to make money


Earn with their referral program



Rating:   iOS app rating- 4.4/5 Stars

Android app rating – 4.2/5 Stars


6. Fiverr

Fiverr is freelance marketing platform where you will get paid money for services/projects like writing, reading, apps design, SEO or any other projects or services.


Best Fit For: People who are looking for Gigs  


How it works: One can use Fiverr in two ways- as a freelancer or as a buyer. The buyer will pay the money to Fiverr in advance for any Gig or Service required and the selected Seller has to complete the task within deadline provided by buyer.

Once you finished your job as a seller, you can withdraw your money after 14 days. A top-rated seller can withdraw their funds after 7 days.



Get paid for your skills

20% commission on each and every order

Payment Protection



7. Acrons

Acorns is a platform that simplify your investing with concept of easy investing by automatically investing user’s spare change.

Best Fit For: Automated Investing Platforms

How it Works: Acorns is an automated investing platform which emphasizes on “roundup” investment style. Customers link their financial accounts such as credit and debit cards to the Acorns app. When user made any purchase, Acorns rounds up the amount to the nearest dollar and invests the difference.

User can also set up recurring deposits to invest more through this automated investment platform.



Several types of accounts, including UGMA/UTMA accounts for kids

No tax-loss harvesting

Checking account facility for members

Fees can be high for small account balances


Rating:   iOS app rating- 4.7/5 Stars

Android app rating – 4.4/5 Stars

8. OfferUp

OfferUp is an app that let you sell your unwanted stuff like furniture, electronics, clothing, books, shoes etc.


Best fit for:  to resell products


How it works: OfferUp is a platform where you can resell your stuff and also make an offer to buyer. Basically, there are two options – ASK and Make Offer. These options let you discuss the price with buyer and once you both agreed to price, you can decide place of meeting to complete the offer.

Key things to keep in mind for any seller is to upload good quality pictures of your items and be descriptive about things like condition and why you’ve decided to let it go.




Easy and free to use

Shipping Cost

You can decide the price

Lack of security


Rating:   iOS app rating- 4.7/5 Stars

Android app rating – 4.3/5 Stars


9. M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a commission free robo-advisor investment platform for self-directed investors. It’s a reat app for people who are looking for an easy-to-use platform to manage their investing, banking, and short-term borrowing at one place.


Best Fit For: Investment platform


How it works: This investment account is built for self-directed investors. Here, one can start by customizing their investment portfolio with stocks and ETFs, including fractional shares, or choosing from among expert-designed portfolios.

A minimum initial investment of $100 is required for regular accounts and for retirement accounts minimum of $500.




No commission

No tax-loss harvesting

No account management fees


Fractional share trading



Rating:   iOS app rating- 4.7/5 Stars

Android app rating – 4.6/5 Stars


Make Money Apps FAQ

    1.      How Much Money Can You Make?


This is probably the most important consideration one wants to make sure. The best way is to do some research and read reviews from atleast 3-4 places to get the exact idea.

However, make money apps shared in this post can help you to make  hundreds of dollar if you simultaneously use these apps.


2. Are money making apps a scam?

There are a lot of make money apps and it can be hard to determine which ones are legitimate and which ones are scams.

Our advice is to always check rating and reviews. Also, do not forget to make sure that reviews and ratings should be from considerable number of people.


3. How do make money apps earn?

Apps that give you money are always getting something in return — whether that’s your data, your feedback, or something else. Keep this in mind when choosing which ones to use and make sure that app have enough and positive reviews. 

There are so many different business models and app monetization strategies being used by these companies to generate revenue. Like-

– Online survey companies sell the data they collect from their users to third parties in order to help them to improve their products and services.

– Usually, all gig economy apps take a percentage of earnings from each transaction made.

– Cash-back shopping apps like Rakuten, Capital One Shopping are among the highest paying make money apps because they earn a solid commission for directing you to retailers’ sites and part of this commission is being shared by these apps with their users.


4. Do make money apps pay through direct deposit?

Some make money apps do pay through direct deposit, however many of these uses PayPal or Gift card options.

Also, payout limit for direct deposits set by these apps is quite high.

Make Money Apps “Summary”

We have prepared this list by researching on many similar kind of apps to make sure that app should be legitimate and worth your time. We all know that these apps cannot make us rich but we can surely earn some extra bucks to keep our budget lighter.

Frankly, I have been always using these make money apps to save extra money so that I can spend this little savings on my food, coffee or shopping.

However, one should always watch for legitimacy of  any app before installing or using the same to stay away from the scammers.

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