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12 Work from Home jobs require no experience but offer handsome pay-outs in 2022

jobs require no experience

If you think that no work experience is a major setback for you to get a high paying job then, you need to read this post till end. We have researched to find out best jobs that require no experience and paying a handsome amount in 2022.


There are such jobs require no experience but only skill to earn a handsome pay-out. Though high paying jobs may require higher level of education, certificates, or technical skills- but not always experience from other jobs.


The level of knowledge you gain from any of those trainings or courses offsets the lack of previous job experience.


Here, is a list of best 12 jobs require no experience but offer high pay-outs-



1. Proofreader

jobs require no experience

Pay- $12 to $45 per hour


Qualification required- It doesn’t require an English degree or special certification.  knowledge of English language and communication skills are enough to become a Proofreader.


Proofreader’s job is to catch spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, basically it is like being an editor for articles, books, etc.


They also find out the formatting errors by spotting things like a sentence appearing twice or accidentally getting omitted, a proper word formatting for headlines and sub-headlines, or the date missing from a document.


2. Freelance Writer

Pay: $30 to $300+ per article


Qualification required: good writing skills, if you have writing experience that can help you to earn more.


If writing is your passion, freelance writing can be a good way to earn money with flexible working hours.


3. Online fitness coach

jobs require no experience

Pay: $100-250 per client Per month


Qualification required: Fitness Coach Certification or Group Fitness certification.


If you are into workouts and enjoy teaching others about health and wellness, becoming an online fitness coach might be the right career for you.


To begin, create a homepage that shares your qualifications, goals, mission statement and promote your business as much as you can do.


4. Bookkeeping

Pay: $20 to $60 per hour


Qualification required :  a minimum requirement is a high school degree, but higher-paying jobs likely require a Bachelor’s degree.


To become a bookkeeper does not require a prior experience but if you are good with spread sheets, this job may be perfect match for you.


To become a certified bookkeeper, you may require some introductory level training as major work profile of book keeper involves financial documenting like- bookkeepers create spreadsheets and invoice of accounts payable, also make sure invoices are paid.   


5. Tutor

Pay: $10 to $32 per hour


Qualification required: There are many online tutor platforms where only qualification required to become a tutor is subject knowledge.


If you are someone who has passion for teaching be a language or subject, there are some platforms which offer job opportunity based on your teaching skills and these jobs require no experience.


You can read in detail about these online platforms which offer good payout with no minimum experience-


9 best Online Tutoring Jobs where No experience or college degree required



6. Virtual Assistant (Administrative Assistant)

Pay: $14 to $31 per hour


Qualification required: Minimum requirement is High school diploma with excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Virtual assistants handle administrative tasks like email replying, ordering supplies, scheduling meetings, connecting clients, and more for their company, all while working from home.


Now a days you have opportunity to become a social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest VA.


You may need to learn additional computer programs depending on your client’s needs. Strong organizational skills are essential to become a successful Virtual Assistant.


7. Textbook seller

Pay: 15% to 30%+ per book sold


Qualification required: None


If you want to earn some extra cash, textbook selling can be a good bet. You can sell text book to make some extra cash for a time being or you can turn it into business if you find it interesting.


To become a textbook seller, you need to contact students to buy the second-hand books at cheaper rate and you can make profit by re selling them.


If you are a student and some old text books are getting dust in your book shelf, you can make easy cash by selling these books online book buying platforms.


You can read here about 7 best places to sell text book-


7 Best places to sell textbooks for cash


8. Graphic designer

Pay: $25 to $50 per hour


Qualification required: Certified course or even a degree in graphic designing.


If you have deep interest in graphic design basics and want to make a full-time career in this line, you need to start building your skills early by taking online courses.


Follow some established graphic designers and create an impressive portfolio. After getting some work experience, you can expect to make up to $50 per hour.


9. Social media influencer

Pay: $20 to $100 per hour


If you are creative and consistent enough to attract attention from people, you can easily become a social media influencer. More the follower, better the chances of getting sponsorship or promotional offers from companies.


Since Corona Pandemic, many people have made their career as a social media influencer and earning a decent payout with their consistency and creativity.  But consistency and content creation are key to become a successful social media influencer.


10. Dropshipper

Pay: $15 to $200+ per item sold

The basic idea behind dropshipping is – you need not to worry about shipping or inventory warehousing. You as a dropshipper is acting as a middle man between supplier or manufacturer and end customer.


Since year 2020 many people have tried dropshipping business but only few of them are successful because there are so many facts that people do not consider before starting this business and declare it as a bad or failed one.


But, the truth is if you are willing to start profitable and sustainable dropshipping business then you cannot think of big – fat profit from scratch.


It will take time to earn consistent profit as building a trust among your customer take time and do not forget the high competition involved in dropshipping business.


If you read about full guide on drop shipping business, read it here-


How to start Profitable Dropshipping Business | Full Guide on how to Setup


11. Blogger

jobs require no experience


Pay: $1 to $1,000+ per month


Qualification required: You don’t need a degree or anything formal certifications to be a blogger. You can start your own blog from any affordable hosting platform.


Blogging is a promising career but you need extra patience with this job as no one make money from the day one into blogging. Once you start to attract good number of audiences then only you can start to make money.


If you are one who like to write and share your thoughts, researches and most importantly not in hurry to make money from the day one, then for a long-term blogging is a good way to earn money without any prior experience.


12. Transcriptionist

Pay: $10 to $36 per hour


Qualification required: A high school diploma is enough to become a transcriptionist.


A transcriptionist listens to recorded audio files and converts it into text format. They transcribe interviews, meetings, business conferences, movies or as per requirement of client.


You will need to type quickly and accurately in order to earn money as a transcriptionist. Though transcriptionist job is more like side hustle rather than full time career and there are sites like TranscribeMe,  GoTranscript, or Rev who pay around $1.25 per audio minute transcribed. 


Bottom line: jobs require no experience

There are certainly jobs that require no experience and you can earn up to $20 per hour if you have enough knowledge and skills. However, if you are thinking to make your career in particular field, it will be better to take certification courses and training programs to have upper hand.


As the list is not exhaustive one, there are also some other jobs like data entry, product tester etc that don’t require any experience.


These work from home jobs also provide you a way to explore your interest and help you to choose your full-time career without restricting you on basis of past experience.


No matter which job you choose, always focus on the requirements of client or employer to deliver best of you.


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