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How to use your hobbies to make money (Guide 2022)

Hobbies to make money

Yes !! you read it right. It is possible that a hobby which you follow to relax your mind or to do the things that interest you, could make money for you.

If you just uttered “HOW??” then keep reading as we are going to share some most popular hobbies that can easily make money for you.


1. Drawing

drawing - make money

From our early childhood we love to play with colours and the happiness we get from drawing something or painting something could be doubled if money could be earned from it.

For this, you just need to go extra mile to reach at the right platform such as Etsy or by making your page at Instagram /Pinterest or try NFT where you can sell any digital art for the good chunk of money.

You can sell prints of your drawings on Etsy. And your prints can go on different items: such as canvases, greeting cards, notebooks or t-shirts. This will enable you to sell the same drawing more than once as etsy is a home of homemade items as well awesome digital art.

Another cool way to make money from drawing is Instagram. What you need is just create your own page by adding some brightness and natural lights with clear background, you could make your piece more presentable and appealing. Now on the top of all the presentation you just need to add a good caption to make it catchier and attract the traffic. You all set to display your art publicly and fetching good buyers as there are so many companies always looking for good doodles and art to use that as their logo.

And of course, don’t forget about NFT – a trending digital asset that exists completely in digital universe. You can’t touch it but you can own it and people are making good chunk of money from it.

2. Reading

reading - make money

Some of us like to read books in our free time and we have already read many books but have you ever thought about making money by reading for yourself?

There are plenty of sites available on internet which pay you for reading books and in return you just need to write reviews of these books.

Or, if you want to make some more money from this hobby ,just head start your own blog or start your own YouTube channel where you can express your views on the book which you read.

If expressing your views or writing the review is not your cup of tea then you can earn money by reading it loud. There are websites which pay you nearly $100 for reading the book in loud and clear voice.

Or, if you can always find mistakes in every piece you read, how about making some extra money as a proof-reader?

Proof-readers check the final edited version of books, articles, web copy and make sure the writing is free of errors. You don’t need any special qualifications to become a proof-reader.

You can start by looking for low-paying gigs on Fiverr and Upwork. And once you have some experience, you can find higher-paying proofreading jobs.

3. Gardening


You love the plants and wondering if your love towards nature could put some money in your pocket , then you should continue reading.

You can grow herbs like oregano, garlic, basil, mint etc and flowers like marigolds,   impatiens ,dahlias etc and sell them with cute planters which everybody likes in their home .

Only you just need to buy some planters and if you are good at DIY projects you can draw some cute doodles and sell them at your own or exhibitions near your place and trust me these planters would fetch a good amount of money for you.

You can start your own YouTube channel or Instagram page where you can share your knowledge about growing different plants and also can post live  growth of different plants .

Be a gardening consultant and share your knowledge among people where you can teach about growing vegetables at home, how to take care of different plants, use and must have gardening tools etc.


4. Gaming


Who don’t love gaming. People are crazy for gaming and growing popularity of Sony PS or XBOX  is proving the same.

But do you know there are some websites which pay you for playing video games. Actually these websites are developers of games and consoles and they want a real feedback from public on their piece.

Your feedback will help the developers to improve the quality and cover all the loopholes before launching the game in market.

Apps like Mistplay, Game hag,loco etc pays you for playing solo or with friends.

You can be a game tester as there are roles of Lead testers, technical testers and ordinary testers in every game company. Big or small, they nonetheless hire people to test their games.

There is another option for people who love video gaming which is writing about gaming aspects. Check freelancer websites. You can find a lot of writing work for gamers there.

 There are people hiring script writers, tech related experts (gaming hardware info), news writers, reviewers, and guide writers. The trick is that they want gamers as their writers. There’re a lot of various writing offers for gamers.

You can also have a look on below –

You and a friend can earn $2,000 for playing video games together


5. Writing

writing - make money

You know I am writing this post because I love writing and this hobby of mine is also helping me to earn some extra bucks.

So, if you are the one who enjoy writing, you can turn it into a passive income source or a side hustle.

The easiest way to start is to work as a freelance writer. All you need to do is to write articles for other people or publications. You can look for work on websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

All you just need is to find the area which interest you more. Once you find your area of interest you can easily target the gigs which are paying more and at the same time you are enjoying to write about that.

If you don’t want to sell your writing but you are passionate enough to write on multiple topics , you can start a blog like me. Where you can write whatever you like and easily make money from it.

There are several ways to make money blogging:

·         Display ads

·         Affiliate marketing

·         Brand sponsorships

·         Selling products or services


If you find creating a blog of your own a complicated process and do not want to opt for it then you will glad to know that Quora is offering you a writing space .

Here all you need to create your space and give some details of your space like what you are sharing in this space and you are set to write whatever you like.

You will get paid if any Quora plus subscriber reads your content and follows your space. Easy and great method to earn some money while enjoying your hobby.

Here is another idea which may interest you, If you are the one who do not find any particular area of interest and still love to express your thoughts and having analytical writing skills, You can review about movies, books ,products , music and much more and get paid from many websites.


If your dream is to become a book author, you can publish your own ebook and make money .

The best way to do that is through Amazon Direct Publishing. Once you’ve written your ebook, turned into a PDF, and designed a cover, you can sign up for an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account and self-publish your ebook for free.

If you want to write fiction ebooks, you need to build an audience online before publishing your first novel. You can do this by starting a blog or a YouTube channel on fiction writing and become a part of booktube, a community of book vloggers.

6. Music


You are the one who loves to make music or loves to play musical instrument or loves to sing then this could help you in making money.

Getting into the music industry can be way easier than it seems. Although making that big chunk of money take a lot of time , hard work and also luck factor but you can take it as a side hustle .

With the rise of YouTubers, many people are searching for good background music for their videos. This means they are looking for royalty-free music.

If you enjoy creating music, you can record your songs and list them on sites such as AirbitBeatStars, or SoundCloud. People can purchase your music, and every time they do, you’ll make money!

And if you want to start with something easy, you can think about creating simple sound effects and sell them on AudioJungle.

And, do not forget about creating course or youtube channel for your instrumental knowledge. It would pay you some serious money as many people are willing to learn music instruments at the comfort of home.

7. Dancing

dancing - make money

While you are on your toes ,dancing ,enjoying the every beat of music and if at the same time your account balance is keep increasing , isn’t it sound awesome.

There are numerous ways by which your dancing can generate money for you. Most popular one is creating your YouTube channel.

Firstly upload some short videos of your dance and gain some popularity among viewers Or you can gain popularity from your own Instagram page.

and after some time monetize your content. Start a on demand dance tutorials as per viewers choice, by this way you can earn money from views as well from paid content.

If you’ve been dancing for years, there’s a good chance you know how to choreograph as well. Participate in events and offer your choreography services to people.

Be a dance teacher and teach dance to people near your locality. Organize summer dancing camps for kids at lower cost to attract the public and once you get enough recognition raise the fee.

8. DIY Projects and Crafting

crafting - make money

If you are the one who know how to create best out of waste by way of DIY or some crafting skills  and your friends & family appreciate your skills then do not forget to monetize your skills by the help of digital platform.

YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy , shopify these are most of the popular places where people search for DIY projects and crafts.

Hand made Jewellery, Cards, Candles, soaps, gift boxes, Pots are among the popular one which are in high demand. People love to gift the items which are personalized, and hand made.

Sell your work piece on Etsy or Shopify, Put your ideas on Pinterest and create your YouTube channel where you can teach people how to make it yourself.

If you are able to participate in exhibition show your talent there and make some money along with a lot of appreciation which will boost your confidence to being more creative.

You can own a blog space at blogger which is absolutely free where you can write about these DIY and crafting projects along with step by step pics .

This will ultimately help you to make money by enabling adsense and same time you got popularity which will lead to sell your projects on Etsy or shopify .


9. Driving

driving - make money

Driving is one of the high paying hobby where you can drive at your own convenience and as per your timing and still earning atleast $100 a day.

Register yourself with apps like Lyft, Uber, ViaVan and get paid for providing ride services.

If you are not comfortable to drive for other people , still driving can make money for you. You can choose to deliver food on apps like Ubereats, Zomato, Swiggy, postmates, Doordash where you can decide your own area of servicing also.

Another option is package delivering . It’s very similar to food delivery, but the difference is that you usually pick up all the packages you’ll be distributing once, and then deliver them throughout the day. You can check Roadie or Amazon Flex which will pay you for package delivering services.

If you are not comfortable with above ideas and don’t want to interact people and still love to drive then Car Advertising can help you to make money.

 With Wrapify you can get your car wrapped with an advertisement and get paid just for driving around in your car. Good thing is wrapping is neither permanent nor it will damage your car.

You will be get paid on the basis of the miles travelled, time spend and area of wrapping. You can do your own work and get paid for driving your car at the same time.

10. Photography

photography - make money

Are you passionate about photography and love to click every bit that interest you . Then selling your Photos be as a digital print or original can earn you some money.

Many websites, magazines and blogs require photos that look appealing to public . By clicking at a community events, festivals, or local fair you can earn money . . You can make a few bucks on the side by joining sites such as ShutterstockAdobe Stock, or Getty Images .

You can even offer your service to tourists on websites like Flytographer or Perfocal to help them take professional snaps to remember their vacation.

11. Cooking or Baking

cooking- make money

Cooking or baking is such a great art which not only fill any one’s  tummy but at the same time can lift your mood up and make you feel happy.

You can express your love to your loved ones by baking something that they love. I am pretty sure that most of our readers are very well aware about the income generating potential from this hobby.

Simplest way is to start your own YouTube channel where you can teach your yummy recipes, you will be overwhelmed by the love from people when they try it and share their feedback with you.

You can start your own food blog or your own Instagram page where you can share post of your delicious food. if you are a good baker you can start your own bakery on Instagram.

By making, some festival specific packages along with good deals you can earn good money in a very short time. Try to include some giveaways to promote your baking skills and once you earn trust from people launch your own tariff.

Or, you can take cooking classes which can also help in earning some money for you. Get enroll yourself at food delivering apps of your area and sell your dishes .



Are you ready to make money from your hobby? Now’s a good time as any to get started!



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