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15+ Best Ways to Get Paid to Type Online from Home

Get paid to type

If you are looking for ways to get paid then typing is among the best gig where you can get paid for type and at the same time you can still enjoy the convenience and flexibility of work hours.


You can easily get paid to type for variety of jobs such as data entry, captcha typing, book or notes typing, transcription job, writing subtitles and many more.


But, if you really want to get paid for typing you should always choose the right kind of job and platform.


Choosing the right job and platform can not only make it easier to get paid to type but you can also earn upto $2000 a month.


In this post we are sharing best platform to get paid to type with earning offered by them. You can select any as per your liking towards nature of job and skill required.


What do you need to get paid to type

As many of us are already know the basic requirements for a typing job are- a computer and an internet connection.


However, you may need some extra tools if your job requires fast speed and accuracy, for which a good headphone set and a foot pedal are best accessories.


Enrolling your self for typing classes and get a certificate from them also a good idea to get more payouts for typing job. It will not only increase your credibility but also your pay per assignment will increase.


Free Typing Lessons

These platforms can be used to learn or improve your typing skills.


Whether you are a student or mom who is looking for a side hustle to make some extra money from typing these are some great options to improve your speed and accuracy.


· – for beginners

·       Ratatype – for beginner to advanced users

·       Free typing game- for beginner to advanced usres

·       Monkeytype- to test your typing skills

·       10 Fast Fingers – to test your WPM speed


You can also try typing test from google workspace marketplace to know your WPM limit.


Different jobs to get paid to type online

There are so many options available for people who want to earn money from typing, mainly are-


Audio Files Transcriptions(Generic in nature)

Scanned/ handwritten documents



Transcription jobs mainly for legal and medical field

Name and Numbers

Song Lyrics



For a transcription job, be it generic or legal or medical field, all you need to do is listen to audio or video and type accurately what is being said and also label the speakers.


However, for legal and medical transcription jobs you may require some technical terminology to convey it in more professional way.


Best Websites to get paid to type

We are sharing our top picks based on the skill range from beginner to advance, you can choose as per your typing speed and requirements.


Best Website to get paid for

Name of Websites




Scirbe, Mturk,  Kolotibablo, 2captcha, MicroWorker



Scribie, Transcribe me, Micro Worker


People having good typing skills

Rev, Go Transcript, Upwork, Fiverr,

Freelancer, Peopleperhour



Popular Get Paid To Type Websites

1. Rev

Rev is an American company which is known for speech to text contents such as closed captioning, subtitles and other transcription services.


How it works:

1.      Take a quick quiz to demonstrate your English language and grammar skills.

2.    Submit a transcription or caption sample, which will be reviewed to ensure it meets customer quality expectations.

3.    If you are approved, you’ll be able to register and start earning right away.


Pay Range: $18 to $66.60 per audio/video hour

Payment Options: PayPal payout per week basis

Experience Required: None

Jobs Offered: Transcriptionist, Captioner and subtitler

Suitable For: Person with good transcription skills

2. Go Transcript

Go Transcript is a web based transcription and translation agency which is offering transcription jobs in 24 languages worldwide.

How it works:

1.      Sign up or Register yourself.

2.    Study the detailed guidelines about their requirement for transcriber job along with samples.

3.    Study the sample provided in guidelines.

4.    Take the test in your preferred language.


Pay Range: Up to $36 per audio hour

Payment Options: PayPal and Payoneer on every friday

Experience Required: None

Jobs Offered: Transcriber

Suitable for: Person with average transcription skills.

Minimum accuracy required is atleast 95%.

3. Transcribe Me

TranscribeMe is another transcription company which is more beginners friendly but pays a fairly low rate.


This platform splits long audio files into 2 to 4-minute clips for easier processing. This is good feature if you have kids at home or are doing this along with your full-time job.


How it Works:

1.      You must be at least 18 years old to sign up or register yourself with Transcribe Me.

2.    There is style guideline available on their website to learn the requirements.

3.    Take the test which is available in only English language.


Pay Range: $15 to $22 per audio hour

Payment Options: PayPal payments per week basis

Experience Required: None

Jobs Offered: Transcriber – you need to complete at least one job within 30 days.

Suitable For: If your skills are of begineer level and you want to use typing as a side hustle. This platform is must try.


4. Speak Write

Speak Write is a transcription offering company which also work in specialized areas such as legal, insurance, police, law enforcement etc.

However, you require a pre experience for almost all jobs offered by this platform.

How it Works:

1.      Read the job requirement section and apply.

2.    Pass the test which requires – Typing  skills: 60 WPM MINIMUM AVERAGE TYPING SPEED WITH 90%+ ACCURACY

3.    Provide detail about your work history and availability.

4.     You will be required to take formatting training of Speak Write platform.


Pay Range: $.05 per word, with some shifts offering a 10% bonus.

Payment Options:  Direct deposit or by check – twice a month basis, no PayPal payment available.

Experience Required: 1 year or more of transcription and word processing experience in an office environment.

Jobs Offered: Transcription


You can also check some other similar websites like-

Babble Type

AccuTran Global

5. Casting Words

Casting words is a transcription firm located at New Mexico.


For transcribers at beginner level this is a good platform like scribie and the procedure is almost same like other transcription platforms.


You need to sign up and take test as per style guide of this platform.


There are different badges linked to your performance and experience- New Transcriber Badge – Beginner badge after your first approved assignment, and a Working Hard badge after completing 10 assignments.


Pay Range: Between 8.5 cents and a bit over one dollar per audio minute.

Payment Options: via PayPal on every Friday

Experience Required: None

Jobs Offered: Transcriber


6. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a marketplace for completion of virtual tasks that requires human intelligence.


The Mechanical Turk service gives businesses access to a diverse, on-demand, scalable workforce and gives Workers a selection of thousands of tasks to complete whenever it’s convenient.


How it Works:

To work on a HIT(human intelligence task), sign in to the Worker website and visit the HITs page.

There you will see a list of HITs you are qualified to work on. Click on the “Accept & Work” button for the HIT you want to work on.

Complete the HIT according to the Requester instructions, and “Submit HIT” button.


Pay Range: As decided by employer

Payment Options: US Dollars or Amazon gift Cards

Experience Required: None

Jobs Offered: Transcribing audio recordingas and many other .


Similar website you can also check – Clickworker

7. Aberdeen

Aberdeen has a number of transcription jobs, such as closed captioning, Translation and subtitling in different popular language.


It being particularly known for finding work where you can get paid to type subtitles for closed-caption TV (including doing it live).


For a live real time broadcast captioner you need some sharp skills with speed of 180-220 WPM which is very high for non professional people.


If you really want to make your career in this field, then Aberdeen is a good option and also fixed time opportunity.


Pay Range: $1.5 for each audio minute

Payment Options: Not available

Experience Required: Yes

Jobs Offered: live captioning


Similar website you can also check-

Cyberdictate – for having three year of experience in law firm

Ubiqus formerly known as verbalink


Onespace – People who know second language mainly  Mandarin, Malay, Urdu, Portuguese, Dutch, Thai and Korean.

Cambridge Transcriptions-  Legal background is required to work with this platform.They not only have simple transcription jobs, but you can also find work in writing, editing and data entry field.


8. Microworkers

Microworkers is an innovative online platform that connects employers as well as workers from all around the world.


It is a website that helps you make money by completing a variety of tasks such as translation, survey, data mining and many more and these task only take some few minutes.


If you are a student, stay-at-home mom, retired person, or a professional, you can join the site as a worker.


However, this platform has minimum payout limit of $10.


Pay Range: $0.1 to $1.5 depends on selected job

Payment Options: USD as per your preference

Experience Required: None

Jobs Offered: Data mining, Data labeling, data entry, transcription and other variations are also available.

9. Scribie

Scribie is one of the beginner friendly online transcription jobs provider where you can grow from beginner level to upper ones with experience.


At beginner position you will be required to transcribe raw, short audio files with stringent formatting rules.


If you complete a fixed set number(usually 10) of transcription jobs you may then be promoted to a reviewer position.


On completing or reviewing next fixed set of files correctly, you will be promoted to a self-reviewer role, then to a proofreader, and then to a quality controller.


There is also a 2.5% referral bonus from earning of every person who signs up to work for Scribie or be a Scribie customer from your referral link or invitation.


How it Works:

1.      Sign up as a transcriber.

2.    Confirm your email address.

3.     Set up PayPal account- Before you take the teat you have to verify your PayPal account as it is mandatory requirement.

4.    To take the test, choose one of the files listed, transcribe it and submit the transcript. Your submission should be as per provided guidelines scribie platform.

5.    Certification: Your submission will be graded when the file is delivered to the customer.


Depending upon the grade, you will either be certified as a transcriber (and paid for the test file) or rejected.


If rejected, you may compare the differences between your submission and the reviewed file, enable re-test and submit another test file. The maximum number of attempts is 10.


Pay Range: $5 to $25 per audio hour + bonus(Monthly Bonus of $5 for every 3 hours completed)

Payment Options: Instant PayPal Payouts

Experience Required: None

Jobs Offered: Transcriber

Suitable For :  Beginner in transcription services


10. Peopleperhour

This is a freelancing website to connect clients to freelancers who are ready to work by the hour or project.


There are plenty of services available from technology to software based including writing and transcription services.


Pay Range: Decided by Employer/client.

Payment Options: Paypal or account transfer

Experience Required: varies as per job requirement

Jobs Offered: All kind of online and work from home


Similar websites where you can earn money by registering yourself as per projects are-





If you are in search of full time job for typing then you can find some suitable jobs on visiting website like,




11. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo has been active since 2007 and providing captcha solving work to its registered members.


You can start by making  $1 for solving 1000 captchas and as your level increases by solving captchas, your rate per 1000 solves will also increase proportionally.


In Kolotibablo, there are others tasks also available like moderation where your job is to check other user’s work. 


However, compare to work provided payout are very low but it can be a good option for side hustlers like students or house wives to earn some extra money.


Pay Range: $1 for solving 1000 captchas

Payment Options: Multiple options are available – paypal, bank transfers, crypto and others

Experience Required: None

Jobs Offered: captcha writing


12. 2captcha

Captcha solving is a very simple and guaranteed way to have additional income on Internet.


To work on this service you will only need a computer, keyboard, and internet connection.


The idea is that there are numerous types of images that cannot be recognized automatically and there are people (customers) who are ready to pay for recognition of these images.


How it Works:

Working on 2Captcha is quite simple — just hit “Start work”, then the system will start to show you images with text and you will need to type this text to the form you’re given.

Minimal payout starting at $0.50


Pay Range: $0.50 for 1-2 hours, depending on service load.

Payment Options:  There are different wallet and crypto wallet available to cashout your earnings.

Experience Required: None

Jobs Offered: Captcha writing


13. Captcha Typers

This is another website where typing text or image captchas can help you to earn some extra money.


However, you have to type very quickly and within the time limit else your id will be banned for next 30 minutes


You can also work with this platform by using their android application on your phone.

$1 is the minimum amount for withdrawal.


Pay Range: $1 to $1.5 in an hour

Payment Options: Perfect money, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Payza, Neteller, Vietnam Bank and Indian Bank.

Experience Required: None

Jobs Offered: Captchas and recaptcha typing


You can also check another similar website for captcha typing, are-


PixProfits Captcha Typer

Qlink group


How much can you earn from typing online?

We have shared some top get paid to type sites where you can earn $0.05 to $1.5 per audio minute depending on your typing skills.


Many people who have opted typing or transcribing as a career are earning upto $2500 per month.


But, if you are a beginner or want to try typing as aside hustle you can still make some pretty good amount of extra money.

For that, you only need to get some typing certification and a 60-80 WPM speed.


For those who want to try typing as a freelance career and having no work experience, our advice is first offer your services at very low cost to get some clients and that way you will get good rating and review.


This will help you to get more client and once you win client trust, you can gradually increase your fee per project.


Final thoughts on typing for money

Getting paid to type online is a great way to make money, as there is no so such investment required and all the necessary ones we are already having.


Isn’t it great that being able to type and earn money lets you have as much flexibility as you need in terms of when you work or doing some side hustle in your spare time.


And with most of these companies having no, or minimal, requirements on experience and no restriction on how much work you have to do, it’s easy to see why being able to make money typing from home could be perfect for someone looking to make some extra cash from time to time.


It clearly helps to earn thousands of dollars from the comfort of your home if you already have solid typing skills and specific technical experience or foreign language knowledge.


But all you need to keep in mind to go on a long way that always stick to deadline else you will not be able to find more typing jobs due to negative review.


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