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All Time Top Games that Pay Real Money (Legit game apps)

Games that pay real money

If these questions being asked to us- Who don’t like to play games and who don’t like some extra bucks that come to us free as well without much effort.


I assume most of us will answer in affirmation as we always have one game in our mobile to save ourselves from boredom or to kill the time. And, about second question, we human always enjoy more free stuffs or free extra bucks.


Even, it sounds more appealing when we can earn real money by just playing games. Though, you can’t be rich by playing games, but it is surely a fun way to earn some extra cash. There are a lot of games that pay real money and, in this post, we are sharing everything that you need to know about these games that can pay cash or reward instantly.


As there are so many game apps or platforms available in market that pay real cash or reward or PayPal money, we are breaking these games on basis of their gaming platform for your ease of selection.


So, you can easily get familiar with platform’s play and reward rules and select the game as per you interest or genres. Also, this article will help you to compare the prizes or cash rewards offered.


Popular Gaming Sites

1. Skillz

skillz - Games that pay real money

Skillz is the online mobile gaming platform where anyone can participate in various mobile games based on their skills and, claim cash or rewards.


True to its name -on Skillz winning is totally based on your ability and these games are not based on chance or lottery.


Here is the list of popular and featured games from this platform-

1.      Blackout Bingo

2.    Solitaire club

3.    Pool Payday

4.    Dominoes Gold

5.    Big Buck Hunter

6.    21 Blitz

7.    Spades cash

8.    Diamond Strike

9.    Cube Cube



There are so many other games also available on this platform where you can play and win prize. Also, the games of this platform are known for their ad free experience and high star ratings.


There are total 5 genres – Action, Arcade, Bingo, Board and bubble, you can choose as per your interest and either play using virtual currency or real money. All these games are free.


Let’s see what the key points of this platform are-

§  Who is eligible- Anyone with a mobile device but for cash competition age should be over 18 and for some countries cash competition is not available – so, your device location will be accessed to ensure cash tournament countries eligibility.


Cash tournaments are not yet enabled in following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, and TN.


Players using rupees can only play Diamond Strike on this platform at this time.


§  Can you actually win real money- This is a multiplayer tournament platform that lets you compete in mobile games with other people around the world for either real cash or their virtual currency.


However, to pay for real money, you would need to provide your credit card details or PayPal account information.


You can use your bonuses and real money to enter in cash tournaments and can win big cash prizes and withdraw your winnings any time in your card or PayPal account.


§  How much it costs- Any game of this platform is 100% free to join and then, you can go for numerous free-to enter tournaments and real money prizes cost only $0.60 to enter.


When you win, your entry fee is refunded the same way you paid in (split between real and Bonus Cash).

There is a $1.50 charge for any withdrawals under $10 and above $10 have no fees.


§  Bonus Cash- You can win bonus cash by referring friends to skillz and by redeeming Ticketz. If your friend uses your invite link to make their first ever deposit into Skillz, you will both receive $20 Bonus Cash!

2. Lucktastic

lucktastic- Games that pay real money

Lucktastic is 100% free and a very fun way to earn real cash prizes and rewards. As this platform is 100% free which means there is no in- app purchases so equal opportunity for all to win big or small.


However, this game is also for smart device or tablet users. So, you cannot play it on your computer.

This app offers token which can be used to redeem all the real cash prizes and rewards.


There are different VIP tiers such as insider, bronze, silver, gold and each VIP tier has its own rewards and cash prizes. To make progress through the tiers, play scratch cards and gather crowns.


Let’s see what the key points of this platform are-

§  Who is eligible- You must be at least 13 years or older to play Lucktastic and as of now only US residents can play this game.


§  How it works-  Lucktastic offers token and using these in- game tokens this app offers you rewards and daily freebies get extra opportunity to win.


VIP tier is upgraded and downgraded on the basis of crown gathering and playing scratch cards.

These crowns can be collected from the prize wheels and from installing their partner apps


§  Cash, Bonus, and rewards- you can get 1000 tokens by referring via Facebook,Twitter,email or SMS to download and play the app.


There is also a $5000 card and to reach there you must play at least one scratch card a day for four consecutive days.


Lucktastic also provides some rewards as exclusive deals by connecting users to national and local brand partners.


3. Gamehag


Gamehag is a free platform where you can make your free account and play games on Gamehag website or mobile application. It let you to earn rewards after reaching a certain level.


Users gain virtual currency of this platform named as, Soul Gems(SG) and these SG can be exchanged in Gamehag store for any reward. There are no other hidden charges.


You can also earn bonus points by signing up for partner offers like downloading non-game apps or answering surveys.


As of now Total Gamehag users are 9,102,703 and estimated monthly visits to this platform is 10,000,000. I think this is enough to trust this platform.


Some of popular games are-


1.      Eternal Fury

2.    World of Warships

3.    Call of Antia

4.    Heavy Metal Machines

5.    Star trek online


Let’s see what the key points of this platform are-

§  Available on: Android, iOS, and computer


§  How it works: Soul Gems can be used to redeem any reward and by these ways you can win more Soul Gems – Play Games, Complete Missions, Purchase, and invite friends.


Prize redemptions can be as low as $1.99 for Steam Wallet credits. Other rewards require a higher balance. Gift cards may need a $10 balance, for instance.


This platform can provide different opportunities than other task rewarding sites for games.


§  Prize, Rewards: Though there is no PayPal cash rewards but variety of rewards is pretty attractive. In the Gamehag store with free game keys, you can attractive rewards such as top-ups, skins, gift cards, premium subscriptions, gamer gear, steam wallet credits and other attractive prizes including Prepaid Mastercard gift cards, cryptocurrency etc.


However, many of these rewards are accessible to VIP user not standard one.


But, the best part is you need not to spend any money to win these prizes and at the same time games offered by this platform are fun to play.


4. WINR Games

winr games

This platform provides variety of games that are free and there is no purchase or payment required to win. These games are available on iOS app store and google play store.


WINR’s CTO has more than 15 years of tech experience having just led another successful start-up from inception to IPO in just 2 years. 


All you need is to download the contest game app and earn the ticket. These tickets can be earned by playing games, completing challenges, watching video ads or sharing through social media.


Following are the popular games to play and win-


1.      Brain Battle

2.    Big Time

3.    Double Double ,

4.    Octa Glow ,

5.    Counter Quest

6.    PixelVerse

7.    Bubble Blast

8.    Towering


Let’s see what the key points of this platform are-


§  Available on : Android, iOS


§  Who is Eligible:  Users who haves reached age of 14 and legal residents of Canada (excluding Quebec), USA and other countries included time to time.


§  How it Works: You are supposed to get tickets to enter the contest and these tickets can be earned by playing games  or completing other tasks and at the end of contest period among all eligible entries received winner will be selected.


§  Prize: There is one prize available to be won, consisting of CAD $3000, to be awarded and paid out to the winner by WINR or a third-party payment processor on behalf of WINR.


5. Swagbucks


This platform is a type of reward site where you can rewards called as swagbucks (SB) for performing numerous day to day actions such as search on internet, shopping through this website, watch videos , playing games etc.


Swagbucks has free games which offer rewards for playing games and has different reward or cash prize with set of milestones to claim the prize. Each swagbuck is equal to 1 penny.


Similar to skilliz platform, Swagbucks also provide cash win games but there is a entry fee to participate.


The concept of cash prize games which are player vs player games is very alike to skilliz platform. You pay some amount as a fee to participate and if you win your money with cash prize will be credited to your PayPal account.  


Like other platforms, different genres of games are available such as Bingo, Arcade, dice, puzzle, adventure. Popular games on this platform are-


1.      Gin Rummy- Bonus of $25 on earning 2500 SBs but you need to make atleast one in-app purchase and within seven days of installing the app you will require to reach at level 45 to win this prize.

2.    Farmville – Get 1000 SBs worth $10 on reaching level 30 within 10 days of installing the app.

3.    Grand Mafia – You can earn 10,000 SBs worth $100 by reaching Mansion Level 25 within 30 days of installing the app.

4.    Backgammon- Lord of the Board  – You can earn 3000 SBs worth $30 by making an in app purchase and reaching level 30.

5.    RAID Show Legends – You can earn 5000 SBs worth $50 if completed the task within first 30 days of installing the app.


Once you have completed the task assigned in games, your Swagbucks account will be credited with your earnings.  You can easily redeem all of your SBs for rewards like gift cards of Starbucks, Target, Amazon, and even take cash to your PayPal account.


Let’s see what the key points of this platform are-


§  Available  on: Android, iPhone and website(


§  Who is eligible: You can join Swagbucks if you are over 13 years old


§  How it works: Swagbucks pays you for playing games and some games do not have obligation of in app purchase to earn SBs.


Just use the platform, spend your time on it by playing games or doing other eligible reward activities and you can make some extra bucks by reaching some certain levels in game.

Though this platform require your time to earn money.


§  Rewards, Prizes: There is sign up bonus of $5 to $10 and referral bonus as 10% of your friends earning for lifetime. Also, you can instantly get PayPal cash or gift cards starting from just $5. Amazon/Walmart gift cards redemptions start at $1.

Swagbucks is known for its low pay out thresholds.


6. Inbox Dollar

inbox dollar

Just like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollar is a platform where you can earn money by doing variety of tasks such as playing games,taking surveys, online shoppings etc.


More than a gaming platform this is a market research company that rewards users for sharing insights about their shopping, online, and gaming behavior.


This site is completely free and you can choose among different games to earn real money.


This platform has various game genres including arcade, word, action and many more. Popular games are-

1.      Rise of Kingdoms – If you reach at level 18 within 21 days of installing this game you can expect $75 as reward and this reward can be redeemed as paypal cash or gift cards to Amazon and Target.


2.    Merge Dragons- If you have inbox dollar account and you downloaded the app via inbox dollar, you will get $40 for reaching the target level within 14 days of downloading the game app.


3.    Spade Royale – Again prize money for this game is $25 to reach level 50 within first 8 days of installing the app.


4.    West Game – You can win $60 on completing level 17 within decided timeline.


5.    Clockmaker-  You can win $15 after achieving the certain level in timeframe.


6.    Board kings- Reward prize is $35.


Inbox Dollar provides their feedback of user experience and awarded by big companies who are exploring user interaction for their games and portion of this money used by Inbox Dollar to reward their users.

Let’s see what the key points of this platform are-


§  Available on: Android, iPhone and computers


§  Who is eligible: Anyone of age above 13 years


§  Prize, rewards: Completing specific tasks like gaming, surveys, watching videos and much more let you earn scratch games to win cash prizes instantly. The Scratch & Win cards have a maximum prize of $100 .


Creating account with this platform instantly give you $5 and for every $1 spent on GSN games you will get 18% cashback.


The minimum pay out is $25 and the payment options are direct deposit, paper check, PayPal, and gift cards of Amazon/Walmart/Target.

7. Mistplay


This platform is a loyaly program for android gamers. Basically Mistplay act as a test user provider to big game brand companies.


By playing games on Mistplay you can earn points in PXP – Player experience and Gxp- Game experience points and units.


This platform do not pay directly paypal cash but vitual visa gift card is a good reward to earn.

In general, you can redeem your rewards once you’ve earned about $5 worth of points. Also, by completing in game tasks and in purchase app can boost your earnings on this platform.


Popular Games are-

1. Coinmaster


3. Lucky Day

4. Dice Dreams

Key points of this platform-

§  Available only for android users

§  How it Works:  When you play any game through Mistplay you earn PXP, higher the PXP more chances to get GXP that are linked with specific games and more the GXP you would earn more Units.


Units are the currency you can redeem for rewards like gift cards.

§  Prize or rewards – Visa Gift cards

Other Platforms you can try to earn money by playing games

While there can be so many game apps or platforms available but we have tried our best to share most popular and legit platforms where gaming experience and payout both are good.


However, following platforms can be considered but some have low payout.

Zynga – Works With: Android and iOS

Prize Options: Cash

Variety of games like Zynga Poker, Game of Thrones Slots Casinos,Farmville,words with Friends and many more are available to play.Cash tournament buy-ins start at $0.99 but can be as much as $399.99. You can also earn free chips by watching ads and completing daily challenges.

Gamesville- Available on -Android,ios, and computer

This Platform offers free online bingo games and you can get a chance to win weekly prize of $10.

Long Game – You can win prize by letting this app to connect to your savings or checking accounts at a partner bank and the number of coins you earn depends on your savings balance amount. These coins can be redeemed to play mobile games and also win small cash prizes. App is available for Android as well iOS.

Buff Gaming



Bottom Line

As we all know that gaming is not get rich activity but can be considered as a side gig to earn some extra dollars to pay to treat ourselves with favourite food or coffee.

Always choose the platform where you can earn more by dedicating your less time. There is no sense to play for long hours for getting pennies only. 

However, if you are totally into playing games then trying all the above platforms which offers bonuses or charge less real money to enter in tournament might award you. 


Is there a real game that pays real money?

We have shared above platforms which can be trusted and paying real money or paypal cash for players. Some of these platforms are working as feedback providers to big gaming companies and some are already a game developer platform which are testing their games by inviting user to play these games by offering cash or gift cards.

How much you can make by playing online games?

Usually, You can easily make between $2-$5 by playing for an hour or so on legit gaming apps but do not think that playing games can be considered as a side hustle for all. It is just a fun way of making some extra cash.

Are these apps safe ?

Platforms or game apps which are having good review ,star rating and good user base can be trusted and not all apps are here for fraud. As we already said gaming industry need real users to test their games. So, above shared platforms can be trusted to play safe.



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