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Future in METAVERSE | How you can make Profit from Metaverse

Future in metaverse

Since Facebook has changed its name to Meta and Mark Zuckerberg has revealed his idea behind this new name and his vision of future social network in next five years, we all are in the impression that certainly things are changing in the digital world.

Should we say this could be a start of Metaverse Universe or we are already started living in this virtual universe. Movies like Real Player One has already showed us glimpse of virtual world , so clearly the word Metaverse is not new . It is already in existence from very early time but may be soon we are going to see it by our own.

So, let’s find out what’s Metaverse Universe could be holding for all of us and how things are going to change in upcoming time.

Quick Introduction of Metaverse-

A simple explanation for Metaverse is a space that is purely digital, where you can do whatever you want and its full control is in your hand.

So, how living in digital world is different from present scenario as we are already in digital universe be it whatsapp, Facebook, or any other social media apps. But here we are talking about a digital universe which is a combination of Web 3.0, Virtual or Augmented Reality and Blockchain.

This space is where you can own the internet and you are the decider of your virtual world. Metaverse is an overlap of our digital and physical lives in terms of wealth, productivity, socialization, entertainment and shopping.


Future we see in Metaverse –

As Metaverse is a virtual space where the size of this universe is completely depend on interoperability which means where avatar or any goods or human imagination can be built as well used in any of accessed Metaverse.

This interconnection or interdependence of space is a fundament of Metaverse so that we can move from one space to another and then only there will be an ocean of opportunities can be assumed by us.

 The future we are seeing in Metaverse is holding unlimited opportunities where one can attend a virtual concert, travel wherever want to, go to movies, try new clothes, do shopping , buy a land and much more that a human race can imagine.


Companies already working in Metaverse

Most of us has heard of Metaverse when iconic social network Facebook had changed its name to Meta, but there are some big companies who have already started their own Metaverse to test their products in virtual universe.

Microsoft’s Mesh where this technology giant has the momentum of its HoloLens2 and providing a opportunity by enabling presence and share experiences from anywhere , on any device, through mixed reality applications. 

The textile giant Zara has chosen Zepeto as its Metaverse to launch its first collection of virtual garments. This is a cell phone based Metaverse where with 3 D avatars it allow you to make purchase of digital items through digital currency. Nike, Gucci, Alibaba and Adidas are also trying to make their own Metaverse.

Apart from technology and fashion industry , gaming industry has already created its path in Metaverse, Big Companies like Sony, Nvidia has invested billions to make possible its own metaverse. Epic Games. Roblox, Decentraland have already started their presence in Metaverse.


How to start making money in Metaverse

So far, we have already aware of potential of Metaverse and now it is the best time to jump in this technology to make some profit. As we in super early stage and there is a lot of room for growth as well credibility since big companies are showing their interest in Metaverse by investing billion of dollors.

So, here are the best options to make profit from Metaverse-


1. Create NFT’s

By creating NFTs of  Art, Avatars,Buildings, products or Wearables and selling them online could make a good amount of money for you. People who have designing skills can use their skill to make NFTs and sell them as in upcoming time there is going to be a huge demand of these unique NFT.

2. Buy Property in a Metaverse

This  option need an early investment rather a skill  but virtual real estate has already taken place on internet . Ever since crypto currency has started to make a revolution in digital currency , people is exploring all the way of buying digital assets such as buying a property in a Metaverse of Decentraland, Sandbox, Roblox or Axie Infinity.

You can buy a property as listed on these platforms in their Metaverse by paying their   particular digital currency and sell it on higher prices or rent it to make money from it.


3. Metaverse Tokens

There are some Metaverse tokens such as MANA (Decentraland), SAND( Sandbox), AXS(Axie Infinity) or ILV(illuvium) can be purchased .

decentraland chart
the sandbox chart
axie chart

Or you can invest into the companies like Nvidia, Meta Platform etc  who will shape the future of the Metaverse.


4. Metaverse Index

If you do not want to go for Metaverse Tokens you can go for Metaverse Index which is a better option than Metaverse tokens which can be understand from the performance chart of these indexes.


metaverse index chart

5. Metaverse Services

Platform like Upwork and Fiverr are a providing a opportunity for people who have great imagination and designing skills . If you are the one who is not want to go for Metaverse tokens or stocks but still want to make money , then you can sell your Avatars, wearables, NFTs at these platforms and earn some good money from it.

Definitely there is going to a high demand of customized Avatars and all you need to set your footsteps in this area by making a successful portfolio at these freelancing platforms.



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