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Electric Cars | Why Tesla batteries better than other Electric cars

electric cars

Working of an electric cars

So how does electric car’s work? In simple terms its function start with plugging into a charging point and taking electricity to charge the rechargeable batteries inside car. The stored energy is now the power source of the car’s electric motor, which turns the wheels. Electric car’s accelerate faster then conventional car’s(diesel or petrol engine driven cars).So it feels lighter to drive.

Charging of electric cars

Electric car’s battery can be charged at home or any charging station. For charging at home you need an electric vehicle charging kit “EV Kit”. There are many kind of electric cars in market.

Electric cars which works on complete electricity is under category of “Pure electric Vehicle”

Hybrid cars are working on both electric motor and diesel/petrol engine.

How much time electric cars take to Full charge

So how much time required to charge an electric car fully?

There are three type of EV charging speeds: slow, fast and rapid

Slow- charging would take about 10-12 hours. It rated around 3kw source, which is at your home.

Fast- charging would take about 3-4 hours. It is rated around 7-8kw, That are available at charging stations.

Rapid- charging takes time around 30-40 minutes. It rated around 43kw, which are only available at grid stations.

Miles/full charging

So how much your electric car can go in full charge?

There are few electric car models with their Miles/full charge capacity:

1.      Tesla Roadster-                   620 miles

2.      Tesla Cybertruck-                490 miles

3.      Tesla model S long range-  375 miles 

4.      Volkswagen ID.3 Tour –       336 miles

5.      Skoda Enyaq 4 –                 316 miles

    6.      Tata Nexon EV-                   312 miles

Why tesla cars  perform so well?

To understand this we need to understand Tesla’s Car batteries.

Tesla’s electric cars Car Batteries

Tesla electric cars battery

Tesla’s Energy storage system or battery system is well known that it is a lithium-ion(Li-ion) battery system. This battery system contain 6831 individual Li-ion cells, Which is in the cylindrical shape same like conventional remote cells. In other electric vehicles they used the cell in a flat shape, just like laptop and mobile batteries.

The Li-ion battery system in the Tesla Roadster represents the very best of today’s commercially available battery technology. These Li-ion batteries are a whole lot better than Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) cells and lead acid cells found in EVs.


Tesla electric cars battery 2

                                     Tesla’s Panasonic battery sheet

Tesla’s batteries have more Cycle life then other EV’s. Cycle life is the life of battery that a cell can be charge and discharge for how long.

Tesla made its Gigafactory in Nevada to build its own car batteries. Before that production of batteries is in under Panasonic.

Tesla electric cars battery 3

                    Tesla’s New Rose shaped Battery storage(4680 cells)

The whole factor that leads Tesla in electric car manufacturer is its Energy storage system. This is the major factor that provide Tesla high acceleration ( 0-60 miles in 1.98 seconds) and the longer battery life.

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