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Make money online by using Google search and google Docs

make money online

If you are ready to spend 2-3 hours a day to make some extra money then this Article will be helpful to you.

You just need to find the right questions for you and then answer them. Here google search will help you in finding answers for your problems and Google Docs will help you to write it down in very professional way.

If you are a student than it is the best way to earn extra money by your own subject knowledge. Or if you just want to use your skills to make extra money then there are many opportunities for you too.

There is a good opportunity to be the part of some famous and big companies by making their problems easy.

You have to register on the website MindSumo, Where you got numerous opportunities to earn money and make connections with Big Brands.

So lets start with the complete guide on how you can earn money on MindSumo by using Google searches and google Doc.


Registering on MindSumo

First, you need to Sign up on MindSumo, It will take 2 minutes to sign up on Mindsumo. You just need to fill your email address and location. Here you just need to select your field of interest in which you want to provide solutions.

earn money online mindsumo

Problem Solver

You need to click on Problem solver. So that you will get different sections, on which you can provide your solutions.

mindsumo login

Filter challenges by skill

Here you will find different sections like Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Food Science and Arts. You can choose according to your proficiency. And if you are not a professional in subject knowledge then you can choose Food Science and Arts.

In Food Science and Arts section you can find some general problems on which you can find solutions on Google.

mindsumo challenges

Delivering Innovative Ideas to Top Brands

At the bottom, you can find the list of Top Brands like Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, Dell, IBM, Marriott and many more.

This large list of Top brands prove the legitimacy of MindSumo. 

mindsumo companies

What you have to deliver them

You can find the list of Deliverables after selection of the problem. It means your solution should follow these guidelines.

Like if you choose the question-

Q.  Tell us about the ideal first deodorant for tweens and teens?

Your answer should contain these required answers.


You can add other best ideas that you think would be best suited for this question.


Here comes the idea of using google searches for best and innovative solution.


Using Google search and Google Doc for best Solution

After selecting the problem that you think you can solve. You need some good researcher’s advice and accurate data’s.

You can find some best solutions on websites by searching on google. You can write that down in Google doc. Google Doc will help you in correcting your grammatical mistakes that is also primary criteria of answer submission.

More professional your solution looks – more chances of your winning.

earn money by using google doc

Submission of Answer

After collecting solution from google searches, you need to submit your answer. PDF file of your answer can be downloaded from google doc. You just need to attach it.

Top 50% solutions win the prize money of the problem.



If you win the task, Than money will automatically credited into your wallet. Payout can be done form $5 to $1000 at any time. But first payout should be of $100, after that you can withdraw even $5. You can choose any payment mode for withdrawal like bank account or PayPal.




Q. What is MindSumo?

MIndSumo Founded in 2012 by Keaton Swett, Trent Hazy, and Rohan Puranik by using help of Google ventures and some others.

MindSumo offers students a chance of earning money and make connections with worlds top brands. Mindsumo charge payments from these brands to submit their challenges. And payback to the problem solvers.


Q. How does MindSumo evaluate results?

MindSumo assign a timeline to each problem. In that time period you need to submit your solutions. This period is in between 5 days to 30 days according to problems.

After submission of answer MindSumo evaluate on their given guidelines. Like if you answer a question but it does not covers all required answers then you will assign 5 rating out of 10.

Grammatical errors also leads to negative rating that is why google doc is required for better answer.

If your answer is qualified in all primary requirements than you will received +2 rating.

After that best answers are selected by evaluators and top 50% participants received their prize money.


Q. How many Solutions I can submit?

You can submit as many answers as you can. There is no limit on that. You just maintain your rating by submitting quality answers.


Q. Can only college students register on this?

No, Anyone can register to mindsumo and provide their solutions. But for college students there are more opportunities of problem solving.


Q. What should be the length of solution?

There is no word limit for solution. You just need to follow deliverable for your solution. Usually best answers are those, which follow all guidelines as well as some extra thoughts and idea. So longer and better answers are preferable.


Q. Can I add other persons in my solution?

Yes you can add contributors for your solutions, But the prize money goes into your wallet and you need to play fairly in distribution. Relation between you and contributor should be maintain good.

Q. How solution rating decided?

The solution rating assigned by companies and evaluators and  it is on a 10 point scale. Here’s a general guide:

Meets Deliverables – If questions were not addressed properly, rating of 5 stars or less.

Clarity – Well communicated, clear thoughts, with good structure and No grammar mistakes., Then rating will be 5 + 1. If frequent grammatical errors or incomplete thoughts, rating of 5 stars or less.

Novelty – Truly unique ideas (subjective). Bonus of 2-5 stars. According to best answers decided by companies.




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