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Best ways to get free Amazon Gift Cards

free amazon gift card

Most of us like to shop with Amazon as everything you need can easily be found on Amazon and delivery is quite quick.


So, having free amazon gift card can help you to save more on your spends. As Amazon is most preferrable platform to shop grocery, gadgets or appliances or anything of your need, free Amazon gift card can never be wasted.


In this post we are sharing the ways by which you can earn free Amazon gift card and also platforms that are tested and trusted to use to get gift cards without wasting your precious time.


There are so many options available on internet that claim to get you free amazon gift card or coupon code but when tried most of the time they do not work and we end up in wasting our time.


We have tried almost all the platforms that claim to provide free Amazon gift card and most legit ones are shared in this article.


Here, we are sharing best possible ways that can help you to get free Amazon gift Card.


1. Take Surveys

There are some legit survey sites that pay you in terms of reward points that can be exchanged for gift cards or paypal money.


Though most of these sites have minimum payout limit and reward points are also not so high but, you can easily earn some Amazon gift cards by using your free time to take surveys.


You can read more about all the legit paid survey sites here-


Top Survey Sites with No Minimum Payout (or Low Payout)

We are sharing here some trusted places where taking surveys can actually help you to get free Amazon gift cards-


Minimum Payout – None

Rewards – PayPal Cash, gift cards

Trust Pilot Rating – 4.5 Stars


Survey Junkie

Minimum Payout – $10 (1000 points)

Reward Options – PayPal Cash, gift cards

Trust Pilot Rating – 4.6 Stars



Opinion Outpost


Minimum Payout – $5 for gift cards and $10 for Cash

Reward options- PayPal money, Gift Cards

Trust Pilot Rating- 4.3 Stars


Life Points

Minimum Payout – $5

Reward options- PayPal money, Gift Cards

Trust Pilot Rating- 4 Stars

2. Buy Groceries

You can earn free Amazon gift cards by doing simple tasks such as scanning barcodes of your grocery shopping bill, your purchase receipts or uploading photo of product displays.


There are some apps that pay you for doing such market research tasks.

However, these apps are not as high paying in term of cash back as other options like cashback shopping, survey sites etc.


But, as these apps or sites do not require such special task to perform, you can easily get paid atleast once or twice a month.


Places where you can get free Amazon gift card buy doing grocery shopping and some market research work.



Shopkick is a receipt scanning app that’s pretty unique and do not require much effort from you but pays in amazon gift cards.


You just need to buy the item of your requirement as you usually do, scan your receipt, and you’re all set to get reward points.


There are hundred of options including online shopping but as per our research you’ll get more money by doing these tasks:

·       scan product barcodes

·       walk into certain retail stores

·       refer friends

Similar to other apps, Shopkick also uses point-based system, and these points are called Kicks and250 Kicks are worth of $1.


Receipt scanning often pays 100 to 500 Kicks and scanning barcodes will typically get you 15 to 50 Kicks per code.

Walking into stores is usually worth 25 Kicks.

You can easily get 250 Kicks points by referring this app to new user.



Shopkick Amazon Gift Cards – You need 500 kicks to get a $2Amazon gift card which you can earn very easily.

Amazon gift cards are also available in increments of $5, $10, and $25.



This is one of best app for scanning grocery receipts which offers cashback on buying specific brands of everyday products.


It is easy to earn Amazon gift cards from Ibotta and you will need minimum balance of $20 to redeem cashback points for an Amazon gift card.


3. Watch Videos

Watching videos to earn free Amazon gift cards is another way, Although you won’t make a ton of money from it.


But, you can expect to earn a few dollars an hour while you let play ads, sponsored videos, previews, TV shows, and movies on your smartphone or tablet.

And, per hour you can easily make $2 to $5.


So, here are some of our favourite sites that can help you to get free Amazon gift Card by watching videos-




This is our favourite because no minimum payout restriction. Each Swagbucks is equal to 1 penny.


You can easily redeem all of your SBs for rewards like gift cards of Starbucks, Target, Amazon, and even take cash to your PayPal account.




This is a rewards website that claims to pay people on doing small task like watching videos, playing games etc.


Here you can watch entertaining videos and earn points to redeem for PayPal cash or gift cards.


Since the inventory on iRazoo TV refreshes daily, you’ll want to check the site every day for new short films, app trailers, movie reviews, and cooking trailers.


4. Using “Money Maker” offers

One of the fastest ways to get free Amazon gift cards is by completing “money maker” offers, Which are known to offer more money than initially applied by you.


If you are thinking that why do these offers exist?


Then, we can say that these companies offer money to win a customer and wants to retain their customer with us.



These offers are typically found on online rewards sites, where you can earn gift cards for completing a variety of tasks, like taking surveys, watching videos and more. 



We recommend the below sites for money maker offers to earn free Amazon gift card. 




Swagbucks Aspiration Bank Money Maker Example 


This Swagbucks money maker offer will pay you $70 worth of points for opening a free digital checking account and depositing $10. 



Swagbucks is one of the top online rewards portal. This site lets you earn points in a number of ways, such as playing games, taking paid surveys, replacing your default search engine with their search engine and watching videos.



 But the best way to earn free Amazon gift cards or money is through its money maker offers as these not only have initial small cost but also gives you or rewards you back more than you paid initially. 



Following are some popular money maker offers from Swagbucks-


Aspiration Bank: You will get 7,000 points ($70 gift card) in return of opening a free checking account and depositing $10. 


Sierra Club: Get 5,000 points ($50 gift card) when you make a $15 donation. 


Postmates: Get 2,000 points ($20 gift card) when you sign up for this food delivery service and place an order. 



MyPoints: Has been in operation since 1996 and owned by Swagbucks. It is popularly known for one of the longest-standing rewards sites on the internet.



InboxDollars :  It is similar to Swagbucks and some of money maker offers are also same on this platform.



However, the minimum pay-out is $25 for InboxDollars and the payment options are direct deposit, paper check, PayPal, and gift cards of Amazon/Walmart/Target. 


But, daily use of this platform can help you to earn free Amazon Gift Card easily, atleast once a month. 


5. Play Games

Playing games can also fetch you free Amazon gift cards. It is a fun and free way to earn reward points to get gift cards. 



There are so many gaming platforms that pay in terms of gift card of Amazon, Walmart etc. or paypal money in return of playing game on their website or apps and reaching at pre decided level. 



If you love gaming and want to explore all the options where you can earn money or gift cards then read about it in detail here- 


All Time Top Games that Pay Real Money (Legit game apps) 




Gamehag is a free platform where you can make your free account and play games on Gamehag website or mobile application. It let you to earn rewards after reaching a certain level. 



Users gain virtual currency of this platform named as, Soul Gems(SG) and these SG can be exchanged in Gamehag store for any reward. There are no other hidden charges. 



In the Gamehag store with free game keys, you can attractive rewards such as top-ups, skins, gift cards, premium subscriptions, gamer gear, steam wallet credits and other attractive prizes including Prepaid Mastercard gift cards, cryptocurrency etc. 




This platform is a loyaly program for android gamers. Basically Mistplay act as a test user provider to big game brand companies. 



This platform do not pay directly paypal cash but virtual visa gift card is a good reward to earn. 



In general, you can redeem your rewards once you’ve earned about $5 worth of points. Also, by completing in game tasks and in purchase app can boost your earnings on this platform. 



SwagBucks: Swagbucks has free games which offer rewards for playing games and has different reward or cash prize with set of milestones to claim the prize. Each swagbucks is equal to 1 penny. 



Once you have completed the task assigned in games, your Swagbucks account will be credited with your earnings.  



You can easily redeem all of your SBs for rewards like gift cards of Starbucks, Target, Amazon, and even take cash to your PayPal account. 



InboxDollars :  Inbox Dollar provides their feedback of user experience and awarded by big companies who are exploring user interaction for their games and portion of this money used by Inbox Dollar to reward their users.


However, the minimum pay-out is $25 for InboxDollars and the payment options are direct deposit, paper check, PayPal, and gift cards of Amazon/Walmart/Target. 


6. Shopping

One of the fastest and easiest way to earn free Amazon gift cards is shopping or purchasing everyday essentials. All you need to do is click a link before visiting retailer’s website.  



Within few seconds you can earn upto 10-15% of your purchase value as reward points which can easily be redeemed as a gift card of your choice. 



Capital One Shopping


earlier known as Wikibuy, is a browser extension and mobile app that helps you get better deals when shopping online.    



This free google chrome extension not only can save cash for you, but loads of time, too. Also, it’s safe and secure. 


This app automatically compares the price while you shop online and delivers you different price comparison options when you are ready to check out. 



And another great thing about this app or browser extension is, It automatically checks if there’s a discount or coupon code available for the items in your cart.


So, helps you to save money while purchasing and at the same time provide rewards to get free Amazon gift cards. 


Honey app 


Although both apps capital one and Honey are similar, but they have their own advantages. 


Honey works best on Amazon by searching all Amazon sellers for the best deals on individual products.  



And, Capital One Shopping, is better for online shoppers who buy from many retailers, since it can find deals for an item nearly anywhere online. 



As Honey is more geared towards Amazon while Capital one seems to favor ebay as a retailer. 



Be Frugal- Another platform to earn cashback on your purchase , also it has Best Cashback Match Guarantee, as they want to make sure that you earn the most cashback through their site. 



If you find better cashback rate through any competitor site then, BeFrugal will match the rate at 125% but this can be used only once per merchant. 



Ibotta- Ibotta is another app that pays you cash back on both in-store as well on online purchases. Though their customer rating is not so good. 



Top Cashback- This is also cashback site where variety of retailers  available and you can get best deal but only thing we don’t like is , Top Cashback requires you to navigate through their own site to earn cashbacks. 



Rakuten- From this app you can earn anywhere from 1% to 40% cashback on almost anything purchased through Rakuten.  



It is one of the best easy to use app and great cashback offering platform where you can upto $25 cashback by making referrals, that is really impressive. 



But if you are looking for immediate cashback payment that is not a case with this platform as you will need minimum of $5 or more that will be paid on each quarter. 


7. Get from Amazon itself

These are some ways using which you can earn free Amazon gift card directly from Amazon itself-


Mechanical Turk: Micro task are simple and requires your less time such as data entry. But, these are available on demand only. 



Website like Mturk or Mechanical Turk has thousands of tasks and allows you to get paid in terms of free Amazon gift cards. 


Amazon Trade In: Amazon is one of the fastest way to earn gift card in return of your unwanted gadget or item lying in your. 



Amazon will give you gift cards for devices like smartphones, video games and consoles, laptops, tablets and more. 



You can easily find out the eligibility and value of your product by just visiting Amazon’s trade-in page. 


Amazon Prime Visa Rewards Credit Card and Reload Bonus where amazon pays you $5 for reloading your existing Amazon gift card, also among some ways where you can earn free Amazon gift card from Amazon itself.



However, we do not find these two ways much useful due to their nature of use. As credit card could come out as huge liability if you do not spend wisely and failed to pay your monthly bill.

Final Thoughts

We have shared most trusted ways to earn free amazon gift cards but always remember that no platform or site will pay you free gift cards as you always required to do spend some time or pay some money.


However, some money maker offers are really great to earn some free Amazon gift cards. So, never miss those opportunities as they require only few minutes and return gifts are guaranteed. But, do not fall for new sites that are new and no trustful review is available.



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