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Top 5 Super Top Up Health Insurance in India 2022

Super top up health insurance

Buying a super top up health insurance can save a lot of money for you rather upgrading your existing health insurance plan.


In this post we are sharing cheaper but best options available in market for super top up health insurance, buying any of these can help you to save money on your health insurance.


Before jumping to best super top up health insurance plan, first you need to understand how you can lower your health insurance premium without limiting your health insurance cover.


How does Super Top Up Plan work?

Super top up health insurance is a deductible or threshold-based insurance. Once your medical expenses for taken super top up health insurance period crosses the opted threshold/deductible limit, it starts to pay upto the sum insured opted.


You can read more about super top up health insurance working here-


Super Top Up Health Insurance – Save Money on hospital bills


If you want to cover yourself for Rs.  1 crore, you can easily get this plan at very affordable price by combining your base plan with super top up plan.


You just need to wisely choose your base health insurance value and match it with threshold to reap out maximum benefit and lower premium.


Our advice is to do not look for fancy options rather look for options that would cover maximum of your hospital bill such as room rent limit, Road ambulance charges, Pre and Post hospitalization period and limits or any other option that really important to you rather look fancy but not useful.

Features and Benefits of Super Top up Health Insurance

Anyone can have Super Top Up Health Insurance- There is no restriction to have base plan or regular health insurance.


If you are having a health insurance or not, or, whether you are covered under group policy or bank policy by any of the insurance company.  You can buy a super top up health insurance without any type of restriction or pre condition.


If you have regular health insurance, then below the threshold amount will be settled by the regular plans and above threshold claim amount by either of these two.


All Hospitalization cost is covered: This covers fees charged by the Doctor, Surgeon, Medical Practitioner, Anesthetist, and Nurses. Diagnostic tests, anesthesia, surgical appliances, blood, oxygen, medicines, and OT charges Cost of artificial body parts and internal implantations like a pacemaker, if required as a part of the surgery.

·         Pre/Post Hospitalization: It includes expenses before and after hospitalization for same illness.


·         Day Care Procedures: Daycare treatment expenses during the treatment that do not require a 24-hour of hospital stay shall be covered.


·         ICU Room Rent: Room Rent, Nursing Expenses, and ICU Expenses are covered


·         Road Ambulance Charges: It is one of the most basic facilities that are required during a medical emergency. The cost of the same is included in a super top-up plan.


·         Complimentary Annual Health Checkup: Medical expenses towards any annual medical checkups are claimable after completion of certain duration of the policy period.


Customizable- You can choose any limit of deductibles or thresholds as per your existing health insurance plan and sum insured.


Can buy from different insurers- You can buy your base plan or regular health insurance from one company and top-up plans from a different company.


Cheaper in Premium than Regular Health Insurance Plans-Due to threshold limit or deductible clause, super top up plans are cheaper than regular health insurance plans.

Higher the threshold cheaper will be the premium.


Greater coverage for parents or elderly persons- The premium for health insurance plans for elderly people and seniors can be too high. But with a super top-up plan, you can enhance your coverage for your parents at a lower premium.


You can have either Individual or Family Floater Plans –Exactly like typical regular health insurance products, such top-up plans are also available on an individual or family floater basis.

you can opt super top up plan on floater basis or individual basis independent from regular health insurance plan.


Exclusions- Regular exclusions also applicable to Super top-up plans like pre existing diseases or dental care. Hence, check out for exclusions in detail.


Lack of benefits in the Existing plan- Many corporate or group policies do not offer extensive coverage benefits like Ayush treatment, higher/Actual room or ICU charges  and critical illnesses cover but your super top-up plan will.



Covers Treatment for Coronavirus Pandemic- In addition to other illnesses, super top-up medical plans are designed to cover the treatment cost of the COVID-19 pandemic with benefit of home care treatment facility also.



Tax Benefit- Exactly like regular health insurance products, you can claim the tax deduction under Sec.80D of IT Act.


Cashless  and reimbursement – Similar to your regular health insurance, Super Top up plan also settles claims on cashless as well on reimbursement basis.


Who should buy a Super Top Up Health Insurance

If your health insurance cover is not adequate or you do not want to spend more money on health insurance premium but want to enhance your health insurance cover, then definitely you should go for Super Top Health Insurance Plan. Because they are cheap and wider in coverage.


If you plan to increase your health insurance cover, then first try to compare the premium of Super top up plans with regular plans. Go for Super top up plans only in case you feel cheaper than going for regular plans.


For Senior citizens (above 65 years) and parents– With the age of the insured the premium also becomes higher. Buying a super top-up policy can considerably reduce the premium.



However, you need to pay the deductibles from your existing health or corporate plan or your pocket but for elder age people hospitalization is an unpredictable event so it is wise to have some extra cushion with super top up plans.



Upgrade Employer Health Plan– Buy a Super top-up health plan to upgrade your existing corporate health insurance in case your sum insured does not suffice.   


By a super top-up plan, you can enhance your coverage amount without paying high premium as required in regular health plan.



Best 5 Super Top Up Health Insurance Plans 2022

The best strategy while choosing the Top 5 Super Top-up Health Insurance Plans in India 2022 is to have both the base plan and super top-up plans within the same insurance company.


Or, if you are buying your regular and Super Top Up health insurance from different insurance companies, try to choose same policy period to avoid difficulties in claim processing.


You have porting option, with help of that you can go for an insurance company of your choice without loosing your continuity benefits of existing plan.


Considering all these aspects ,we are sharing Top 5 Best Super Top-up Health Insurance Plans in India 2022 which are cheaper and offering good coverage benefits.




Plan Name

Sum Insured


Premium for 2 Persons Age range 41-45 years ; cover- 10Lakh & Deductible – 5Lakh


My Health Medisure Super Top-up

5 – 20 Lakh

2-5 Lakh

Rs. 2090/-+ GST

Star Health

Star Super Surplus

5-25 Lakh

3-10 Lakh

Rs. 3611/-+ GST



Tata AIG

Medicare Plus

2-20 Lakh

3-100 Lakh

Rs. 3486/-+ GST


Super Top Up

2-25 Lakh

3-95 Lakh

Rs. 3540/- + GST


Health Recharge

5-10 Lakh

10-95 Lakh

Rs. 2385/-+GST


Final Thoughts

Super top up plans can save your money on health insurance and at the same time can provide you wider coverage in terms of room rent also.


Some insurance companies offer super top up insurance with no room limit capping which means you can go for any category of room of your choice.


Just keep in mind to wisely club your base and super top up plan to get the maximum benefit and full payment of your hospital bill from insurance companies.



When do you require a Super Top Up Health Insurance?

If you feel like your existing health plan is not sufficient enough and planning to increase the cover instead of this, you can go for super top up health insurance.


Also,if you are holding a corporate insurance plan of small cover that includes your family too, it will be good option to go for super top up plan.


What is covered in Super Top up Health Insurance?

Almost all the benefits of your base health insurance are available under super top up plan also.

In fact, super top up health insurance offer good coverages for all the modern treatments like robotic surgery that are pretty expensive and can exhaust your base health insurance plan.

What do you mean by deductible or threshold in Super Top up Health Insurance?

Deductible or Threshold is a predefined limit that need to reach before covering your expenses under super top up health insurance.


It is a sum of all your medical expenses incurred during period of super top up health insurance plan.


It is best practice to sync your period of base plan with super top up health insurance to avoid any complication in claim settlement process under your base as well your super top up plan.   


Can Super Top up policy be ported?

Yes, you can port your super top up plan from one insurance company to another along with your existing continuity benefits.


If your super top up plan seems costly you can easily port your policy with another insurance company of your choice by applying 45 days before end of your current super top up plan period.



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