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Best stocks to invest in 2022 for high profit

best stocks to invest

As we have seen Nifty and Sensex are on their all time high. Sensex hit 61880 level and Nifty 18604, Both are now trading on their All time High. This is the scenario when market can show slight downside for few days. Both Indexes have been traveled almost double from their bottom after Covid-19. Indian market has given 130 % return in past one year.

So the best stocks to buy for 2022 is the Blue chip stocks with few mid-caps. That have potential to sustain in slight dip and increase when market grow. At this time your portfolio should have a ratio of 70(blue chip)-30(small/mid cap).

Best Stocks to invest - Asian paints

Share price:  3177 INR (current price)

Market Cap:  3.04 lakh crore


Asian paint should be the top pick near Diwali. You knows better that on Diwali paint demand would increase because of renovation of houses, shops and complexes. Asian Paint holds 50% market share in the domestic paint market. Also 60% in decorative paint segment.

At this time this should be the first pick, Asian paints have given significant return in past one year and have potential to grow more.

best stocks- asian paint

Best stocks to invest - HDFC Bank

Share price:   1675 INR (Current price)

Market Cap:   9.27 lakh crore


HDFC Bank is India’s largest private sector bank in terms of assets and market capitalization. On the Indian stock exchanges, it is the third-largest firm by market capitalization. It has given constant profit in between 15-25% every year. So it will build the portfolio strong. And mitigate the risk from other small/mid cap stocks.

best stocks- hdfc

Coal India ltd:

Share price:   180 INR (Current price)

Market Cap:   1.11 lakh crore


Coal India is an Indian government undertaking and coal mining and refining company. It is owned by the Ministry of Coal, Government of India. It is the world’s largest coal producer and a Maharatna public sector undertaking.

In recent Coal shortage crisis coal India have increased its production capacity to over come this situation. The increase in share price have clearly indicate the upside potential of this stock. It have given almost 65% returns in past one year.

best stocks- coal ind

Larsen & Toubro:

Share price:   1810 INR (Current price)

Market Cap:   2.45 lakh crore


L&T is listed in world’s top 5 construction companies. Basic and heavy engineering, construction, real estate, capital goods manufacturing, information technology, and financial services are its core sectors.

Recently PM Modi have announced “Gati Shakti Scheme”. In which he planned to boost the infra projects in India with 110 Lakh Crore infra development plan. This will be the best for all infra companies. And L&T will be the first choice in this scenario.

best stocks-L&T

Avenue Supermarts Ltd.:

Share price:   4636 INR (Current price)

Market Cap:   2.99 lakh crore


Avenue Supermarts Limited well known as DMart, is an Indian retail company that owns and operates a supermarket chain in India. Radhakishan Damani established it in 2002.

Don’t you think on Diwali grocery shopping will be on peak, and Dmart will be the best place to shop all items at one place. You have seen long ques on Dmart counters. Dmart have given 123% return in one year. It is the stock who holds it level in pandemic also.

This is the stock which will give strength to your portfolio, also will provide good returns with its huge upside potential.

best stcks- avenue

Infosys Ltd.:

Share price:   1802 INR (Current price)

Market Cap:   7.55 lakh crore


Infosys Limited is a multinational company based in India that specializes in business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing.

Infosys have given 56% returns in last year. And also showed growth in pandemic time period. Work from home has given boost to IT sectors during worst scenarios. In recent studies it founds that people are more interested in working from home kind of jobs rather then 9-5 office jobs.

It is a large cap stock which have high potential to grow. And will build your portfolio stronger.


Share price:   1402 INR (Current price)

Market Cap:   14.37 ton crore


Central Depository Services (India) Ltd Stock have given 200% returns in past one year. As the lockdown forced many to stay at home, demat accounts have seen a surge in the past year. With this rising interest in the stock market, CDSL as a depository will continue to upscale and benefit.

CDSL will have upside potential because in india investment interest is increasing pretty much. In recent news you have heard about India surpass France and will overtake U.K. in Market cap and will become 5Thlargest economy in the world.

It shows the interest of Indians in investment and also increase the interest in CDSL stock.


TATA Motors:

Share price:   490 INR (Current price)

Market Cap:   1.74 lakh crore


TATA motors have given 275% returns in past one year. The sudden spike have been seen in Tata Motors share after Buying AirIndia. AirIndia have traveled from TATA Group to again TATA after 68 years. Tata motors share have seen growth after long time and will grow for some more period to overcome its previous levels. Tata’s involvement in Electric Vehiclesis also providing strength in its future upside potential.

TATA Power:

Share price:   230 INR (Current price)

Market Cap:   73.38 ton crore


Tata Power is the largest power generation company in India aimed at providing uninterrupted power supply from its various plants located across India.

Tata Power has given more then 300% returns in past one year. It is a mid cap stock with bigger person’s name involved in it. So it will be the better stock in midcap segment in view of risk reward ratio.

best stcks- tata power


Share price:   2700 INR (Current price)

Market Cap:   18 lakh crore


Reliance industries main businesses are oil exploration, petroleum refining, and petroleum marketing and distribution, Telecommunication as well as petrochemical activities. The company wants to be carbon neutral by 2035 so it is focusing into Green Fuel production (H- fuel). So it’s focused on diversifying through energy and other sectors while still investing in the oil industry.

I have put this stock on the bottom as pillar stock. Because it is the most robust stock with potential to grow on 20-30% CAGR. Reliance is focusing in innovative businesses so it makes the stock most profitable for future perspective.

best stocks-Reliance


So these are the top 10 picks for investment for 2022 to make good fortune in future. Portfolio with these kind of stocks will give you better return with less risk involved. As market have seen great rally in past one year, you should wait for slight recovery and then enter you position at good level.

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