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Best Places to Sell Pokémon Cards in Bulk to make Money Online

Sell Pokémon Cards

If you are reading this article, you might have already aware the potential of some rare, Holo Pokemon cards that can help you to make good cash.


Earlier in 2000’s when these cards were launched, since then Pokemon cards are always considered as high demand hobby and companies never stop printing these cards.


But having vintage or 1st edition cards or rare cards can help you to make good cash from it. However, to make most from it, you will be required to have possession of Pokemon cards that are in good condition, or we can say in mint condition.


If you are having same, this article may help you to sell Pokemon cards in bulk to make some cash.

Our Top Picks:

Although we have shared 10 best and trusted ways to sell pokemon cards in bulk, but following are our favorite go to place to sell pokemon cards in bulk-





What we like


What we don’t like



Vast potential buyers base and 50% or more value protection

Higher selling fees usually 15% of final value.



Troll and Toad


Quick sell and no need to list

Fixed and lower than market price and shipping & handling cost borne by seller





High buyer intent and you can get accurate price for your cards with low PayPal fee

Not great for beginners as chances of getting scammed are high. Listing can be time consuming.


10 trusted options to sell Pokemon cards in bulk-

1. eBay

Everyone knows the potential of this marketplace that can help you to earn best value for your offer.


eBay is a great choice if you have well researched the price of your pokemon cards on online sites. Just make sure you have checked the current pokemon prices and their historic price also, to reach at best price.


once you get the idea of price, list the cards as individual or set to reach at potential buyers. No doubt eBay can help you to get highest price, but you need to have patience until your offered price finds it buyer.


Always put best quality image from every angle and side to get the trust among genuine buyers.


2. Troll and Toad

Troll and Toad has been the home for all things games. You can sell your old cards, board games and even video games with them.


To make the selling experience easy, this site has create one stop hub- Buylist – where you can find best prices for items they accept.


You can find the value of cards you are looking to sell at their buylist. To sell Pokémon cards in bulk with Troll and Toad your order total should be at least $30 minimum.


Troll and toad has very particular as well stringent set of rules to make sell for bulk Pokemon cards.


So, it is advised to take note of some of following important points here, if you are going to sell Pokemon cards in bulk with Troll and Toad-


         The Shipping and handling cost of sending your order to Troll and Toad is your responsibility and charges to be borne by seller only.


         The payment amount finalized only after receipt of your package and verification of its content.


         If total of your order is greater than $5000 to schedule your payment properly you will be required to contact separately to them.


         If there are errors in your order like wrong or missing item, damaged item then, they will automatically deduct the amount from your total payable amount.


         They will only contact you to take your approval if difference in price is 12% or more or $100 or more.


         If you wish to have your damaged items returned you must submit a request within 7 days of the date your order completes processing. You will be required to pay for the cost of return shipping.


         Payment options:


If Order total is less than $30 : Website Credits only


For order $30 or more : Paypal with fees of 2.9% + 0.30 USD of total Payable amount 


Check, which will be shipped via USPS and could take 1 – 2 weeks to arrive.


         Other Important point to consider is always put your cards in the order of your invoice, failing to do so may incur sorting fee of $15 per hour spent sorting your order by troll and toad.


Sell Pokémon Cards

3. Card Market

This is another market place where game trading cards are offered, sold or bought. This site act as an agent or intermediary between sellers and buyers.


Users of the online platform are given the opportunity to place sale offers, to buy and sell trading cards, and to manage sales procedures via the online platform operated by the Card Market.


To sell Pokemon cards in bulk with card market, there is also a price chart available to provide you a rough idea of ongoing price.


So, you can easily compare the price and decide the more profitable marketplace.


Sell Pokémon Cards

4. CCG Castle

CCGCastle is another platform where you can sell pokemon card in bulk as well individual. To sell your cards, there is option of Buylist Mode where all the item that can be purchased by CCG Castle are listed.


So, you can easily check price of almost all Pokemon cards . They have range them in price of $0.02 to $ 4000.


If you are having some base 1st edition or rare cards you can easily make thousands of dollars.


This sites pays you in terms of Paypal cash or store credits.


We have noted some important points from view of seller which may help you to understand the terms and conditions of CCG Castle before making any offer-


         Conditions of card must be mint or near mint and must be in English only.


         There may be a processing fee applied if cards sent to them are not in exact order of your buy list print page.


         Shipping and handling cost to be borne by seller only.


5. Sell2BBNovelties

This platform let you sell pokemon cards in bulk at flat price without looking for each one up one at a time. They have pre set price list for each card so if you are selling Pokemon cards in bulk, you can quickly do a rough math to get a idea of your cards price.


– HOLOS $0.25 each (these are Star Holos – Non-Reverse)

– REVERSE HOLOS $0.06 each (these are all Circle, Diamond & Star Holos)

– RARES $0.05 each (these are the Star cards)

– COMMONS/UNCOMMONS $0.02 each (these are the Circle & Diamond cards)

– ENERGY CARDS $0.005 each (2 cards for $0.01)


Like other platform, Sell2BBNovelties also require cards in mint condition and damaged, scratched or creased cards are not acceptable.


This platform also pays you in form of Paypal cash or store credits.


And, the good thing about this platform is shipping and handling fee is borne by sell2BBNovelties.


So, if you are comparing prices from different marketplace , cost of shipping is also an important factor to consider.


6. Dave & Adam’s

Although Dave & Adam’s is more known for sports cards like baseball cards but you can also sell Pokemon cards in bulk with Dave & Adam’s at very competitive price.


To sell Pokemon cards you need to visit their buy list and find out the eligible cards for sale.


This place usually buys holographic cards, including rare ones like Charizard and Pikachu and required quantity and their price is also mentioned in their buy list.


Available options for payment are- Business check, Paypal cash or Dave & adam’s gift card.


And, another good thing is shipping and return shipping are covered by Dave & Adam’s.


7. Safari Zone Collectibles

Similar to most of major market place to sell Pokemon cards in bulk, Safari Zone Collectibles also pays in form of Paypal cash and store credits.


You can sell as many cards as you want with them as there is no limit on quantity. All you need to do is – go to their bulk cards submission page and submit the form with all the requisite details.


Mostly terms are same as other platforms like- condition of cards should be near mint and sorting fee may be applied if there is too much processing and paypal payment associated fee is not covered.


 Similar to sell2BBnovelties, they have also flat prices against each category, such as-


Any Rare (Trainers included) – $0.07 each

Any Holo- $0.11 each

Any GX(Regular or Full art) – $1.75 each


8. TCG Player

You can also register your cards on the TCGplayer Marketplace, however this option will take more time as bulk buylist is not available.


But, TCG player being a good research tool can help you to find trending and historic prices of each Pokemon cards.


9. Facebook Group

Facebook group is also a potential place to sell pokemon cards in bulk as the members of various Pokemon TCG Facebook group are always on the hunt for these cards and help you to get a best offer for your cards with low shipping cost.


But, always be a member of only genuine groups that are monitored by administrator and only genuine buyer and sellers are entertained.

10. Reddit

Reddit also have good and genuine Pokemon trading community where only genuine buyers and sellers are entertained. You can trade your Pokemon cards or being member can also give you insight of prices of your cards.


Tips to sell Pokemon cards in bulk

If you are new in this side hustle to make money from selling Pokemon cards in bulk, here are some tips that can help you to make your sell quickly and profitable one-


1.      Always upload photos of good quality from each possible angle, so a buyer doesn’t discard your offer just because uploaded pictures are blurry or not available from all angles.

Also, before taking pictures always clean your cards with damp cloths as it help to look your cards well maintained and in good condition.


2.    Try to add description short but crisp enough to make your deal more subtle. It also helps to list your offer on top as SEO matters.


3.    Before making your mind to finalize an offer, make sure you have checked all platforms as sometimes one platform can offer you high prices but fees for shipping and handling as well payment processing are high enough to cut your profut margin by high.

Always choose the platform where you can make profit with reasonable fees.


4.    There are so many frauds available on internet. Always make payment through trusted platforms only and make everything documented to help yourself in case of dispute.


Final Thoughts

There are so many expert advise available on internet to help you to sort your card or to identify the worth of your card which is good to refer.


However, the so called card grading services which usually charges $20 to $500 per card which can only come out as a waste of time or sometimes fraud also, if you are not having such a great first edition collection like Charizard, which is not so common.


Our advise is to check out some YouTube videos to understand the grading services clearly before submitting your cards to any service provider.

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