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Best Apps for Trading Stocks | How to choose one from top 10

best apps for trading

Almost all of you know the answer of this, that if you search on google about Best Apps for trading you get almost same results on every site.

Zerodha, Upstox, Angle One, Groww, 5 paisa & some other popular one’s like ICICI direct, Sharekhan & Fyers App.

Someone recommend Zerodha & Upstox and someone is recommending Angle One or Groww. But you still can’t understand that which one you should choose.

So, how you will choose the one best app for trading among these popular trading apps.

Let’s find out-

All of these above mentioned Apps are great in their own ways. But the right question you need to ask yourself is “Which kind of trader/investor are you?” & “What features you want most in your app?”


How to choose Best App for trading

To choose the best app among these you should go through these questions first-

Q.  What is the main purpose for that you came into trading?

These are the most important questions that every trader should ask himself first, before start trading.

       Are you the trader, which came in trading for only learning and market knowledge?

       Or you are here to make profit with the low capital (50K – 1 lac)

       Or you are here for investment purpose only

       Or you came to make profit with a handful of money


Q.  In which segment you are going to trade?

In which segment you are going to perform trading is also important to choose the best app for you. These segments are-

Equity (stock buy & sell)–  1 –Intraday (Margin available)

                                  2-delivery base (No Margin)


Future and options –          1 – Buy (low capital required)

                                  2 – Sell (high capital required)



Foreign exchange (currency)


Q.  What is your trading style?

       Are you taking entry 10-20 times in a single trading session(in a day)

       Or, Are you trading 2-3 times only

       Are you trading with margin


To know that which kind of trading style you have is also very important to choose the best app for trading.

So, now keep the answers of these questions in your mind and go with the rest of the portion of this article. And choose the best app for trading according to your trading style, on your own.

Trading type - best apps for trading

The list of known and recommended best apps for trading are-

1.      Upstox

2.    Zerodha

3.    Groww

4.    Angle One

5.    5 Paisa

6.    ICICI direct

7.    Sharekhan

8.    HDFC Security

9.    Fyers

10. IIFL


I am describing best features of top 5 trading apps, which are also recommended by many traders.


Comparison between top 5 trading apps





Angle One

5 Paisa

Exchanges available






Launch year






NO. of branches






Account opening charges






AMC charges






Equity delivery brokerage

20rs or 2.5% (whichever is lower) per trade


20 per trade


20 per trade

Intraday brokerage

Rs. 20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) per trade

Rs. 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per trade

Rs. 20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) per trade

Rs. 20 per trade

Rs. 20/10 per trade (as per plan)

Margin for intraday (equity)

5 X

5 X

5 X

5 X

5 X

Margin for F&O

No margin

No margin

No margin

No margin

No margin

Order type

Cover order,

AMO(After Market Order)

Bracket order(BO), cover order(CO)




Bracket order (BO), cover order (CO)



Trading platform

Upstox pro web, NEST Trader

Kite & Coin


Angel Broking App

5 paisa Trade Station

Invest- ment option

Stock, commodity, currency, IPO

Stock, commodity, currency, IPO, Mutual Fund

Stock, Mutual Fund, IPO

Stock, commodity, currency, IPO, Mutual Fund

Stock, commodity, currency, IPO, Mutual Fund


Also, There are many other features in these Top 5 apps.

Best features of Zerodha App

·       Zerodha Kite App is one of the most powerful trading applications in the country at present because of its speed of trade execution.

·       Zerodha is India’s No. 1 broker in terms of the number of active clients and exchange volume.

·       The security features and support team are best.

·       Very user-friendly application, easy to understand and chart is also with many technical analysis tools.

·       5 different watchlist can be created, and you can swipe between them.

·       Direct Mutual Fund Investment is available.

Best features of Groww App

·       Open an account on Groww app is a simple and paperless process. You can create your account in 5 minutes and start trading.

·       Groww app has an inbuilt mutual fund calculator and list of past performance (CAGR) of mutual funds as well.

·       You can calculate your return on investment easily. And you get free Mutual Fund investments with no hidden charges.

·       In grow app it has inbuilt feature of news and updates about stock market, which help you to keep yourself updated about the market and the economy.

·       You get online IPO application inbuilt

·       Inhouse Brokerage Calculator to get the correct idea of your final profit.

·       It has option to invest online in digital gold and US Stocks.


Best features of Upstox App

·       Upstox have a great chart analysis feature in its mobile app, like you can analyze charts in your phone similar to laptop.

·       You can create as much watchlists as you want to separate your different trading options.

·       Upstox provide you different parameters to filter the investment options easily.

·       It has flat brokerage on all segments, no hidden charges.

·       If you have shares in holding, it provide margin against it. It is better option for intraday trader.

Best features of Angel One App

·       Angel One App have similarity in many features with zerodha and upstox. Like a wide variety of technical tools – integrated charts, technical indicators, and others.

·       It provides you safe transaction by making tie-ups with more than 40 national and private banks.

·       You will get in-depth reports and stock market blog articles on the mobile application which you can read.

·       You can chat with customer care from this app.

·       It integrates with Small Cases, ARQ, Sensibull, and other such platforms.

Best features of 5 paisa App

·       5 Paisa app provide you flat brokerage on all segments. No worries on trade size

·       It has in-depth chart analysis tool, which gives you perfect experience of price analysis of stocks.

·       Trade on call facility available. You can place any number of trade in one call. (Call & Trade is charged at Rs 100 per call in addition to the brokerage).



So, now you get all the features of top apps but still have to find the best app for trading.

These top 5 apps are all good in features and only have some small difference, that confuses everyone that which one they should choose.

So to choose best app for trading you need to find the answers of the questions which are earlier asked in the article.

So, let’s find out-


Q. Are you the trader, which came in trading for only learning and for market knowledge?

If you came in trading for just learning then you should go for-


Because your trading volume would be very small in this stage and groww provide you 0.05% or flat Rs. 20 brokerage on every trade (whichever is low).

With small trade volume and 10-20 trades in a day you can save much in your brokerage with 0.05% brokerage feature.

Zerodha (0.03%) & Upstox (0.05%) could be also considered but Groww provide you free account opening with no AMC charges; While Zerodha and Upstox are not free.


Q. Are you here to make profit with the low capital (50K – 2 lac)

Most of the traders fall in this category, with small capital but have different trading style. So here you may find best app for trading according to your style of trading-


Equity (stock buy & sell)- 

1.      Intraday (with margin)

o   Are you taking entry 10-20 times in a single trading session(in a day) ; Go for –

§  Zerodha, Upstox & Groww (Rs. 20 or less brokerage)


o   Or  you trading 2-3 times only-

§  Any of them (As per better user interface)


2.    delivery base (No Margin)

                Go for-  Any of these 5 (As per better user interface)


Future and options –       

In this segment, there is no margin available for trade

All 5 Apps are good

Also I recommend  fyers  for this segment because of its Drag & Drop feature in its chart. Which help in placing trade on chart itself, there is no any need to go back to main menu and place order.

Also move your stoploss position on chart, which is cool.


Commodity Groww does not have commodity section


Foreign exchange (currency) – Groww does not have currency section



Q. Are you here for investment purpose with good amount of money?

Go for-


Because of its highest customer base, best support team and easy interface of app. Investment with big money is larger concern for investor so go for more reliable and safe platform.


“I think , Most of the queries have already solved earlier. If not then I think you are a trader with- low capital( Rs. 50k – 2 lac), all kind of trading style and open to trade in any kind of trading category( stock, F&O, Forex) & also not thinking much about brokerage.

So here is the answer for you – You should go with

Upstox, Zerodha or Groww.

All 3 are best suited for you.”

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