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Be Your Own Boss | Learn How to make 100 dollar a day for Everyday “22 legit Ways”

how to make 100 dollar

                   Making $100 in a day! Seems pretty exciting ha…

Whether it seems hard when you think, but it’s a very realistic Goal. There are many different ways from you can earn 100 dollars in a day.

Some of them ideas can make $100 very fast but some can take few months to reach that goal.

If you are a student, an employee in a company, working at home or retired from job, you can find here ideas for making $100 in a day according to you passion or skills.

If you are thinking about making $100 in a day for just once, I have covered some ideas for that too.

But, if your plan is to reach at $100 per day regularly, then also you will find ideas here as per your skills but it required patience.

Here I am covering 22 different ways to make $100 in a day. You can choose any of these even if you have no any experience about that before.

If you want a detailed article on any of these ideas, you can mention that in comment box.


How to Make $100 a Day

1. Start a Blog for $100 a day

It is the most affordable way to reach the 100 dollar a day goal. At first it requires a lot of work but it is the most sustainable way to earn passive income.

You just have to invest on purchase of domain, which is also not too much you can find $2 per month plans in domain selling sites.

At start, you need to put your efforts in creating contents and this doesn’t required so much writing skills.

You can earn money by affiliate blogging, digital marketing on your blog and by selling online courses.

Blogging gives you freedom of work. You will be your own boss. You can travel where you want and work from anywhere.

Earning your first $100 will gives you a great feeling and blogging is the way to achieve this.

You don’t need to worry about promoting your blog, Google will help you if you write quality contents. You just need to be patient and provide quality contents on regular basis.


2. Rent out your Car

You could rent out your car to strangers whenever you don’t drive it. Car rental could be your additional source of income or you could turn it into a full-time job.

It is an additional income if you are working from home and don’t need your car, or you have 2 or more cars at home.

Companies like Turo, Zoom car or Hiyacar are the places where you can rent out your car. These will cover your car with an insurance policy, and you can pick your own dates for rent out your car.

Car Owners make between $350 and $1,750 per month. This is based on a minimum seven-day rental. However, you could earn up to 20% more per day if you rent out your car for a minimum of two days at a time.


3. Answer Surveys

This may be not the high paying passive income idea, But this is the easiest way to make extra money.

You can’t make $100 a day answering surveys alone, but you can combine it with other ideas to reach $100 a day.

You can answer surveys whenever you are free during your day. This doesn’t required any skills, you just need to look carefully on products then give your opinion on them.

With survey companies, you are paid to answer surveys and test products. Sometimes you even get products for free so that you can evaluate them. Also survey companies are free to join too.

It is best that you sign up as many companies as you can to receive more opportunities and make more money out of them.

You can find some of the survey companies below-

·       iPoll.

·       MindField.

·       Survey Club.

·       Ipsos I-Say.

·       Toluna.

·       Pinecone Research

·       Surveymonkey

·       SwagBucks.

·       FusionCash

These tend to pay around $30 to $100 an hour, and sometimes even more.

4. Create an online course

Definitely, you have some skills or knowledge that people willing to pay you to learn from you.

Many people make their living from selling online courses. For that you don’t need to be an expert in teaching. You just have to be better than your potential students.

You can create online courses and sell them on your blog, Social media or you can contact with other bloggers or websites to promote.

Many online websites make it easy for you to sell your skills and create online courses.

The best ones are-

·       Skillshare.

·       Teachable

·       LinkedIn Learning.

·       Coursera.

·       edX.

·       Khan Academy.

·       Udemy.

·       iTunesU Free Courses.

·       MIT OpenCourseWare


5.   Buy and sell domain names

You can earn money by selling domain names online. There is nothing wrong with buying and selling domains for a profit.

There are many domain flippers who make a full-time income buying and selling domains. The only legal trouble you could face is if you purchase a domain that is obviously related to a current business.

Before buying domain for profit you should consider these things-

·       Know your budget.

·       Find an existing domain.

·       Focus on local domain names.

·       Find domain names related to keywords.

·       Buy new domain.

·       Try to build a solid domain portfolio.

·       Then sell it after improved domain authority for profit.

Below is some domain selling platforms for you-

·       Namecheap

·       Flippa

·       GoDaddy

·       Afternic

·       Sedo


6. Create online store

Creating an online store is not so hard, But what product you will list on your store is important.

Drop shipping- where you outsource the production, storage and shipping to another person is a fairly profitable idea to make $100 fast.

During pandemic nearly everyone done shopping online. So you should enter in this flowing business and make your profit.

There is not much skills required for that you can list your items and then sell it on your own website or advertise on social media.

People are earning way more profit by drop shipping and it can generate $100 a day very conveniently.

You just need to work 10-15 hours in a week to achieve this goal.

Research’s found that ecommerce stores with annual revenue of under $100,000 have a 30 percent median gross margin.

You should follow these steps for creating online store-

·       Choose a niche and develop a business plan.

·       Select your domain name.

·       Pick your ecommerce website builder.

·       Design the look of your online store.

·       Add products to your online shop.

·       Set up shipping.

·       Market your online store.

·       Launch your online store.

Here are some online store where you can start dropshipping-

·       BigCommerce

·       WooCommerce

·       Square Online

·       Wix

·       Shopify


7. Walk dogs and/or pet sit

Many families wants that their pets would be under good care while they are not at home. This will make a good opportunity for you to make $100 in a day.

Being a dog walker or watching pets may allow you to earn money each month.

In this you can watch pets at your home or take care of them at owners house. People’s faces trouble while they plan to go on holidays or everyday work so they needs the pet caretakers.

For pet boarding, you may be able to make around $25 per day or more for watching someone’s dog or other pet in your home. This would be fun also if you love animals.

Below are some sites where you can place your service –

·       Rover

·       Fetchpetcare

·       Petbackers

·       Thepetcare

·       imeForPet

·       PetDom

·       BarkNBond

·       Collarfolk


8. Become a freelancer

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make $100 a day or even in an hour online. You can do freelancing as a part time or full time.

Freelancing is when you run your own business and provide services to different clients. You have some skills that you can apply in making profit then go for freelancing.

More and more companies are hiring freelancers instead of full-time employees. Companies also getting benefit by freelancer because they do not need to pay for entire month instead they can pay for project basis.

Here are more freelance job ideas you may consider according to your skill-

·       Graphic design

·       Web design

·       Writing.

·       Proofreading & Editing

·       Graphic Designing

·       Website Development

·       Teach Online

·       Be a Virtual Assistant ‘VA’

·       Photographer

·       Social Media Manager

You can find some websites for freelancing-

·       Flexjobs

·       Upwork

·       Freelancer

·       Fiverr




9. Get paid to play games online

You definitely play games on phone for just fun. How about getting paid to do that?

There are many apps that will pay for playing games and give review on that. Developers will use your feedback to improve the games before launching them on the market officially.

You cannot earn much from that but by playing if you earn there is nothing better then this.

There are many apps that pays you for this –

·       Blackout Bingo.

·       Pool Payday.

·       Swagbucks.

·       Mistplay.

·       Solitaire Cube.

·       InboxDollars.

·       MyPoints.

·       Dominoes Gold


10. Answer questions online as a tutor

By online tutoring, you can earn an average of $3-$4 for each question you will answer.

It means you can earn your $100 a day very easily, the only thing required here is you need to be an expert in your subject.

You have to join some online tutor websites and then qualify their subject test and you are ready to answers problems of students.

This is the best way to earn extra money for subject teachers.

Here are some websites where you can register –

·       Chegg

·       Club Z

·       eTutorWorld

·       Khan Academy

·       Learn to Be

·       Preply

·       The Princeton Review

·       Revolution Prep


11. Sell items on Amazon or deliver for Amazon

Amazon gives you opportunity to sell items online from home or from your shop. Amazon has many people who sell items and earn money from home, and many make a good amount of money doing so.

Create your product listings and inventory or integrate your inventory data into the Amazon platform.

Prepare the products to be delivered, and send your products into Amazon warehouse. When the customer places orders, Amazon FBA will fulfill the orders and send all necessary shipping and tracking info to the customers.

You will get benefit of amazon customer base which is huge. And support team for both customer and seller.

As Amazon states, the Amazon Delivery franchise earns a profit of $1000 to $3000 per month. Apart from this Amazon gives them a 10% commission on sales. The average return on investment (ROI) comes around to be 25% and the investor is expected to earn back the investment amount within a period of 6 to 8 months.


12. Take part in research

This is another way to make $100 in a day. This doesn’t required much skills and knowledge.

You can share your opinion on any of the focus groups. These groups are looking for qualified peoples to join their studies.

There are many topics on which you can give your opinion like technology, family, music, beauty products, food, consumer goods, software, hobbies, pets sports and many more.

You can get around $50 to $500 per hour basis on your in depth study and reviews.

Their clients are well known like Spotify, Pinterest, Wayfair and more.

You just have register on focus groups and the researchers sends you the invitation to you if you better fit on that.

After receive invitation you have to select your time slot and review their product or service.  You will get paid over Paypal.

Some sites which offer Research jobs are-

·       User Interviews


·       Ipsos i-Say

·       Recruit and Field

·       Survey Junkie

·       Survey Feeds


·       American Consumer Opinion


13. Become a virtual assistant

You can earn money by becoming a virtual assistant. You can do tasks like helping in emails, customer service online, blogging updates, social media management and much more.

You can earn upto $40 to $50 per hour by virtual assisting by working from home.

This needs some strong administrative skills, organization skills and familiar with social media, blogging and websites development.

Some websites available to register for VA jobs –

·       Magic

·       Handy

·       Virtual Staff Finder

·       Fiverr

·       Upwork

·       HelloRache

·       Fancy Hands

·       TaskRabbit


14. Sell stuff you have in your home

If you look in your home you will find many things that you haven’t touch them in a year.

Selling things that you don’t use is one of the quickest way to make $100 or more in a day.

Items like your old phone, iPad, tablet, old camera, your old cloths, books, CDs, Games and much more. You can get rid of them by making money from them.

And I will assure you that you will not miss them because they pay you well. You will get your money instantly.

Websites for that are –

·       Yard sale

·       Facebook Marketplace

·       Craiglist

·       Swappa

·       Gazelle

·       DeCluttr

·       OfferUp

·       eBay

·       Craigslist

·       Carousell


15. Get paid to watch videos online

You can make money by watching movie previews, TV shows, celebrity videos, the latest news, and many other videos.

Maybe you will not earn much but for side earning it is also one of the best way. You can write subtitles to earn more.

Swagbucks made its debut in 2010 and has paid its users over $400 million in cash and free gift cards.

You just simply register on any of below listed sites and watch from their playlist. These can be for few minutes or half an hour.

Some sites are –

·       InboxDollars

·       Swagbucks

·       MyPoints

·       Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

·       KashKick

·       Earnably

·       iRazoo

·       SuccessBux


16. Wrap your car

If you own a car than why not earn money from that.

You can place add on it and get paid. You just need to wrap the advertisement of some specific brands or services and get paid by them.

You have to register on any wrapping site and get a banner of their provided advertisement. At first you need to reach the target of 50 miles and then you are eligible to being paid.

You will be the part of these advertising campaigns and place their advertisement on your car for 1-12 month according to you.

You can earn upto $500 per month by wrapping your car.

Some sites which offer car advertisements are –

·       StickerRide

·       Wrapify

·       Carvertise

·       Free Car Media

·       ReferralCars


17. Rent out your extra room or flat on Airbnb

If you have an extra room or a flat you can rent it out for some extra money.

You can list your room on Airbnb or other sites which offers renting places. Then you can get visitors for your place to stay for few days.

Airbnb offers good money you can check out the process for listing your room or apartment over Airbnb… How to list room on Airbnb.

Airbnb is a safe way to earn money, as you can screen your potential guests before arrival, and you can accept or reject them based on previous reviews.

You can earn by that more then $100 but not in a day. This is a good thing to earn some extra money with your extra space.

Sites that offers renting out places are –

·       Craigslist

·       Padmapper

·       Airbnb

·       Roomie Match


·       Roomi

·       Alumni Networks


18. Deliver food

You can deliver food at doorsteps in your free time, in evening or on weekends. You can earn some extra money by that.

Some are doing this job for full time. But this job offers you freedom to choose your own time for delivery. You can deliver food on hourly basis or full time.

You just need to register on food delivery sites and get your order for deliver food. You will get 100% of what you earn on that order.

Here are some sites/app which offer food delivery –

·       Postmates

·       Zomato

·       Uber Eats

·       Grubhub

·       Doordash

·       Just Eat

·       Swiggy

·       Dominos

·       Pizza Hut


19. Start a freelance writing career

A freelance writer is someone who write articles or post for different clients, such as Blogs, websites, magazines, advertising companies, books and many more.

There are thousands of pieces of new content created online every day. Not all business owners have time to create content for their websites themselves.

If you enjoy writing, you will be able to sell your skills and become a freelance writer to earn $100 or more a day. Many are doing this freelance work for their living.

You can find freelance writing jobs on websites like –

·       Flexjobs

·       Freelance Writing Gigs

·       Fivver

·       Upwork

·       iWriter

·       BloggingPro


·       People-Per-Hour

·       Craigslist


20. Day-care at home

You can start day care business at home to earn $100 or more a day. This is very sustainable business to make $100 a day for everyday.

You just need some initial investment and advertising to your nearest places for day care of their child.

For details on How to setup Day Care business here

If you just want to do baby sitting and not want to setup this business at home you just need to register on these sites and get job –

·       Sittercity

·       UrbanSitter


·       Au Pair in America

·       Helpr

·       eNannySource

·       SeekingSitters and Nannies

·       Bambino


People are ready to pay well to baby sit there child and you can earn $100 a day easily. People do not believe on random persons so they go thru these reliable sites/apps.

They took care of background checks on caretakers that gives faith to parents on those caretakers.

You can register on these sites to make some extra money in your free time.


21. Monetize your passion for art

You can earn money by selling your arts. This required special skills in art and you can earn $100 a day by selling them.

You can use your artwork to sell things like T-Shirts, mugs, and printed canvases, using a service like Printify.

There is another trending way to make better from your art skills. NFT “Non Fungible Tokens” is the method where you can sell your digital art.

On NFT platforms you can sell photos, videos, clips or anything that you owns and are non-fungible. For more about NFT you can learn from Here…. “What is NFT

By art selling you can earn way more than $100.

You can sell your arts on these sites –

·       ArtFire

·       Pixapp

·       Redbubble

·       Society6

·       Amazon

·       Artnet

·       Artfinder

·       Shopify


22. Rent out your car parking space or setup EV charging station

If you have an empty car parking space, you’ll likely be able to rent it out and earn money from it.

If your place is near to a stadium or local grounds or other busy places then it will be the better opportunity to earn from your empty car parking space.

According to your place you can earn $300 – $500 per month without doing anything.

Sites where you can register your parking spots –

·       ParkatmyHouse


·       Parkwhiz

·       Craigslist


Other than rent out your parking spot, you can setup an Electric Vehicle Charging station at your parking.

So if you get EV in your parking they can charge their vehicles there. Also you can register that parking place as EV charging station and people can drive there to charge their EVs.

To setup EV charging station in parking you can refer this… How to setup profitable EV charging station.




You can start your own Blog to earn 100 dollars a day without investment. Also content writing, freelancing, babysitting are some of the ideas mentioned in article from which you can earn 100 dollar a day without investment.

1.      First choose your blog name and get your blog hosting.

2.    Pick a simple theme to make your blog your own.

3.    Add two key blogging plugins to find your readers and track stats.

4.    Write compelling content to create a blog that your readers love.

5.    Don’t follow, Lead.

6.    Try to start with micro niche.

Yes, you can start EV charging station at home. But there are some limitation of parking space and public reachability is also low at residential building. You can install small Charging station because full setup required its own transformer.

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